The Pumpkin King & Queen

First of all, I hope you have a spooky day filled with pumpkin flavored goodies, clever costumes, and enough candy to keep your dentist in business.

After our fun adventure at Bates Nut Farm, we finally carved our pumpkins!


Bret was kind enough to clean the dirt off our pumpkins, and then we were ready to work. I set up our stations on our dining room table. I opted to keep the table cloth on the table, and instead put plastic wrap and tin foil down so we didn’t make a huge mess (this was also very easy to clean up!).

We cut the tops of our pumpkins and gutted out the inside. We both scraped our pumpkin so you could not even see a piece of the pumpkin gut that had once inhabited it.

I thought of our pumpkin design, which I won’t tell you now. You’ll just have to wait and see how they turned out!



I was really excited about this carving time. One, because I love carving pumpkins. Two years ago I decided to try a new technique: shaving. Instead of going through the pumpkin completely, you shave down a piece. This creates a really cool effect, almost like a shadow. The pumpkin below was the first pumpkin where I used this technique. My design is of a mason jar with fireflies flying around it.


Bret’s design didn’t call for any shaving…which was probably good because this was only the second time he’s ever carved a pumpkin. The first time was when he was 14 years old! Ten years ago!!!! I almost fell out of my chair. But then I had to remind myself that he came from a family that didn’t celebrate holidays.

And now time for the big reveal, drum roll please!



I think our pumpkins turned out great! I’m really proud of the work we both did. Bret did the top design and I did the bottom.

If you are not sure of who our designs are of, check out Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. It is a 90s stop-motion animated film that is simply wonderful. It’s constantly playing at our house for two reasons: (1) the music is my favorite, and (2) it’s a combination of Halloween and Christmas so you can watch it all season long!

Did you and your family carve a pumpkin this year? What are your plans for Halloween?
I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!


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