October in Review

Hey y’all!

What a first week of November it has been! I spent most of it sick and unable to get out of bed (sleep, tea, and Gilmore Girls are the best remedy). But I am back, and I have a lot of fun posts planned.

At the beginning of each month I plan on reviewing the activities of the previous month. Starting with this one!

Oct 1: I got to spend some time with my sister’s cats! Jack (the black cat) and Oliver, aka Ollie (the orange cat). Ollie is basically my best friend.



Oct 8: My dad and I took a day trip to Arizona for a funeral. We left San Diego at 3:30 AM to make it to the church by 10 AM (we arrived at 9:10 AM). Although we were going to say goodbye to a family member, we got to see my cousin, Clark, in the afternoon. He took us to Topgolf! Let me tell you, that is one cool place!


Oct 11: If you read my post from this day, you’ll remember that Oct 11 would have been my Grandma’s 100th birthday. That morning, Bret and I went to the beach with coffee and donuts to celebrate her life. It was the perfect way to start the day.


Oct 17: I love painting my nails! And, on this day, I finally learned how to paint cheetah nails!!!! I was so excited! I literally did not want to wash them off. They were so cute! I have a subscription to Julep, where I get nail polish every month. Find out more here!



Oct 23: BATES NUT FARM!! I did a whole post on this day (here). This really was one fun day!! I loved spending time with my family picking out pumpkins!



Oct 29: For Bret’s birthday (back in July), I bought us tickets to see two of our favorite bands: Shinedown and Five Finger Death Punch….yes, I like hard rock and heavy metal. It was, by far, the best concert I have been! Shinedown used pyrotechnics and 5FDP had a really light show and the drummer had an amazing solo.



Oct 31: Our Halloween plans consisted of dressing up and passing out candy to the kids who came to our door. We dressed as our vision of human Jack and Sally from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Bret even asked for make-up! Our costumes were a hit with the kids and their parents, especially since our pumpkins matched us. For dinner we went to Panda Express in costume…everyone stared at us. Oh well!


Well, that is it for October! I cannot believe it is already over and we are in November. It won’t be too long until Thanksgiving arrives. If you didn’t already know, I get a little excited for Christmas, so we’ve already pulled out our tree. (Don’t judge!)

When do you and your family decorate for Christmas? Before or after Thanksgiving?


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