One Very Special Announcement!

I have taken a lot of time away from my blog, but for a good reason! Well, actually, several reasons, but one reason in particular.

In November when my Dad died, I took time away because, honestly, I didn’t want to do anything. I was very happy not thinking about what my next post would be or getting dressed up for pictures. Let’s be real, I’ve worn makeup 3 times since he passed…

In December and January, I took time away because I am busy with school (one semester left!!) and because…drum roll please….

I’m pregnant!!

Yes, yes! You read that correctly!


How I found out

Mother Nature visits me each month like clockwork and I use an app (Pink Pad) to help me remember when it is. I’m usually within a day of the projected start date. I was supposed to start on Dec. 10, which also happened to be the day of my Dad’s funeral. When it didn’t come that day, I didn’t mind because I was really stressed that day and that was the last thing I wanted to worry about. However, it didn’t come the next day or the next.

I decided to take a test on Dec. 12 at 1:30pm when I was home alone. Bret was at work so I figured it would be the perfect time just in case it’s negative. Well, it was positive.

I immediately freaked out a little…or rather, a lot! I texted my sister and my best friend, and my sister was the first one to respond. I freaked out for two reasons: (1) I have to take the Bar Exam in July and according to my calculations, I’d be 9 months preggo; and (2) my Dad wasn’t here and he would’ve been one of my main supporters during this time.

My sister helped calm me down and helped keep my spirits up. I wasn’t freaked out about actually being pregnant because I’ve always wanted to be a mom, it was just more about timing, lol.

How I told Bret

How I told Bret wasn’t anything too special to write home about. He walked in the door after work and I was standing in the living room waiting. He could tell I had been crying, but figured it was about my Dad.

I blurted out, “I’m pregnant” kind of loudly. He just looked at me and said, “What?”

The look on his face was priceless.

The first five minutes were of him not believing I was actually pregnant. Then he got over it and was super excited. (Since then, he talks to my stomach every night because he wants that baby coming out knowing he’s Dad).


How I told my family

I’ll slip this in here because I think it’s the cutest story.

My niece Layla has been wanting a little sibling for years. So we figured having a baby cousin would be the next best thing and decided to tell her (and the rest of the family) at our annual Christmas Eve dinner/presents gathering.

Each year my Dad gave us cards that said, “Ho Ho Ho, Shop Shop Shop.” When I was cleaning his house I found his stash (he had lots of them). So I wrote inside “for baby clothes” under the “Shop shop shop” and added “I can’t wait to meet you in August cousin! Love, Baby Taitingfong.” I made these cards for all my siblings and it was the last present anyone opened.

Layla sat on the floor of my Grandpa’s house for almost five minute trying to figure out what it meant. Finally we had to help her out by process of elimination because only one person in the room had the last name Taitingfong. Once she realized we are having a baby, she freaked out and immediately asked if she could babysit. It was the cutest thing!

Where we are now

I am 13 weeks and 4 days! It literally feels like time is crawling by!!!

Up until this point we’ve told our families and a select group of friends. We didn’t want to tell too many people, because I’m a worry wart and think every tiny pain is the start of something bad happening.

Everything is going along as planned. We’ve already had some friends and family give us some adorable baby things. My best friend sent a huge package full of clothes, wipes, blankets, and art. I am so incredibly happy knowing this baby is going to have so many people around it that love it and support it.

I have a box full of stuff we’ve gotten already, but the few things I am most excited about are Pua and my old baby clothes. If you haven’t seen the new Disney movie, Moana, go see it! One of her sidekicks is a little pig named Pua. We found a stuffed animal at the Disney store and about fell in love!!! I still have my baby blankets and Barney, so I’m hoping this little Pua becomes the baby’s version of that.


Also, when my family was cleaning out my Dad’s house and storage unit, my Mom found a plastic bag full of some of my baby clothes. The two most notable pieces were the sailor suit I worn for a ton of family pictures when I was a baby, and a Concordia Cobbers shirt my grandparents got for all the kids (we have some great pictures of the five of us all matching, haha). I seriously cannot wait to put my little one in these two outfits!


When are you due?

I am due mid-August, which is kind of crazy timing. The Bar Exam is in the last week of July so I’ll have about three weeks after that to relax before baby comes.

Cravings & Aversions?

Yes….I have those. My biggest cravings are Taco Bell, Buffalo Wild Wings, and pizza! The pizza one is weird for me because I hate pizza. I do not like tomato sauce at all, but when that craving comes, I’m basically like “Give me all the pepperoni and sausage pizzas you can find!”

The only thing I’ve had an aversion to is breakfast foods, specifically eggs. I want to go hide in another room when eggs are around, which is odd because that was my go-to breakfast before I got pregnant. Go figure.

Final Thoughts!

I plan on posting some bumpdates throughout the pregnancy to keep everyone informed. Now I’m really glad I started this blog because it seems to be the easiest way to communicate everything with my friends and family that don’t live nearby.

Everyone we’ve told so far are really excited! I am thankful to God every day for this baby because I honestly thought that 2017 was going to be a really crappy year after my Dad dying and having to go through probate. I feel like this was God’s way of looking out for me and my family and letting us know that everything is going to be alright.


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