Bumpdate: 30 Weeks!

It feels like just yesterday I was in my first trimester and now I’m in my third!!
Time sure does fly!


How have I been feeling?
Surprisingly okay! (Insert Sherlock smirk here, haha) No, but really, besides a few aches and pains, I’m feeling pretty decent.

The only thing that has made pregnancy difficult is the back and rib pain. I sit down for most of my day, because of bar prep, and the chairs are not comfy at all, so by the end of the day I am so done! The lower right side of my back is where all my pain is and that pain travels down my right leg and creeps around to my ribs. Most of the time my ribs hurt so bad that I don’t wear a bra because it just keeps digging into the spot where it hurts most. I do have to constantly remind myself to get up and walk around to try to ease my back pain, but I also lose track of time when I’m sitting….so that doesn’t really help.

Otherwise, my health has been pretty normal by pregnancy standards. I do get heartburn just about every day, so that sucks. I also found out that the baby is sucking out all my iron so now I’m anemic and have to take an iron supplement (but the doctor said the anemia should go away after the baby is born). My doctor originally emailed me saying “you’re slightly anemic” so I thought, no biggie. But when I went to my appointment a couple days later, she was like “oh no, you’re severely anemic!” Lol oops!

I did do the hour long gestational diabetes test (good news, I don’t have it) but, boy, do I feel sorry for whoever has to do the three hour test. That drink was gross!

Cravings or Aversions?
I still can’t eat scrambled eggs, haha. I’m craving Taco Bell and pizza less and less each day. Now I’m craving salads, fruit, and chicken burgers/sandwiches (mainly from Smashburger or Board n Brew). I’m also craving Pepsi and Barq’s Root Beer like crazy, so I limit myself to one-ish caffeinated drink a day. My other love is hot cheetos, which sucks because they give me the worst heartburn ever. I’ve been trying not to eat them buuuuut sometimes I can’t help it.

Pregnancy Fashion
So, I love fashion! I love dressing up or, at least, wearing a cute outfit. I love makeup and look forward to trying new products. That being said, pregnancy (and now, bar prep) has made me so tired that I literally wear jeans and a t-shirt everyday with no makeup because I cannot muster up the strength to put effort into my outfit.

On the occasional special day of fun stuff, I’ll put in effort, but on normal bar prep days (#everyday), heck no! However, I am at the point where my clothes are snug! I did realize one thing recently though. I believe all my Dad’s clothes are at my Mom’s house right now. I have a couple shirts that I grabbed when we cleaned his house and those have been lifesavers! I’m thinking I might need to raid my Dad’s closet (never thought I’d say that, haha) so I can actually wear some comfortable shirts! (This means I’ll primarily be wearing University of Dayton shirts haha, gotta represent!)


Bar Prep & Pregnancy
Law school was pretty easy to manage, bar prep is a different story. As I mentioned, rib and back pain is what is bothering me most, so my 10 hour days of studying are spent rubbing my ribs in hopes the pain goes away. I’m also extremely tired. I think it’s a combo of bar prep and pregnancy, but I am definitely more tired than my friends, haha.

I will be in my 9th month of pregnancy when I sit for the bar exam, and that makes me nervous. What if I have to pee every 5 seconds? What if I get ready hungry? What if the baby won’t stop kicking me and I can’t focus? What if pregnancy brain sets in hardcore and I forget all the rules?!?? And most importantly, what is she comes early?!?!?!! There’s not much I can do now except practice and study, but I will make a full report after I take the bar.

Oh girl, whoever said nesting was not a thing, was clearly never pregnant. All I want to do right now is clean and organize my home. A week ago I spent my day off cleaning and rearranging, and I didn’t want to stop! I also have gotten very particular about decor for the baby’s room. My Mom, Bret, and I went to Temecula a couple weekends ago because I was in search of an antique tea set for her room. I literally would not stop walking around the store until I figured out the perfect one.

Baby Name?!
Once we announced the gender, we got the question of what her name will be. We have picked out her name but I’m planning on announcing it later (unless you’re at my baby shower, haha) because I want to keep something a surprise. My family and friends know but it’s a name that is so deeply special to me that I want it to be a big reveal when she’s born.


We are counting down the days and cannot wait to meet her!!!


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