Bumpdate: 39 Weeks!

We’ve made it!
Baby girl is full term now and is expected to arrive any day now.

39 Weeks

How am I feeling?
Surprisingly, I feel better good! Yes, I’m exhausted and I pee about every 15 minutes, but I have so much energy to clean and organize like never before. I’ve also noticed a considerable change in my mood and stress levels since I finished the bar exam. I feel much more carefree and relaxed. Bret really enjoys this because I was so stressed during the bar exam. I actually feel like a normal person again.

Have you finished the nursery?
If you asked me during bar prep what I was struggling with most it was the inability to work on her nursery. All I wanted to do was organize and clean up her little space and get everything ready for her. The craving to next was reallllll. Now that bar prep and the exam are over, I focus almost 90% of my time on her nursery and organizing all the stuff we got from the baby shower. Annnnnnd, I’m happy to announce that I finally finished it yesterday!! (Bret needs to hang one last picture and then it’ll technically be done.)


How is baby?
She is doing well! She is as active as ever! My favorite part of the day is when Bret comes home from work because he’ll talk to my belly for a while and she just kicks away! I already know she is going to be a daddy’s girl. My last appointment was on August 9th and the doctor said she hoped baby girl would arrive within the week even though her due date is the 19th. That kinda surprised me because I just figured she’d be late.

How did the Bar Exam go?
During my baby shower, I got asked this question the most, haha. My friend, Brittany, said it best: I had an answer for everything, whether it was correct is up to the graders. The exam was definitely difficult but also a tad more straightforward than I expected. I had taken so many practice tests with difficult issue spotting problems that I just expected some really tough questions. And, I must say, taking the exam while 9 months pregnant was not that bad! I plan on writing a blog post about taking the bar exam while pregnant so I won’t bore you with the details now.


What are you most excited about?
I am so excited for many things in regards to motherhood. I think I’m most excited for her to be here and grow up. I’m anxious to see who she looks like more and what kind of personality she’ll have. I’m just so anxious at this point, I keep thinking every Braxton-Hicks or contraction is gonna be the one that starts labor. One can only hope, haha!

What are you most nervous about?
I’m extremely nervous about messing her up, haha. I know every mom has that thought with their first child but I just keep thinking about all the different ways things can go wrong. But, I am confident that Bret and I will be good parents. I’m also confident that we won’t mess up the first couple days because my mom will be us, haha. Thank God I have a mom who is willing to help us out! Baby girl isn’t even here and I am so grateful for all that my mom has done for us in preparing us for her arrival.

Dresser 2

This dresser is probably the piece I’m most excited about! It was my dresser that my parents bought for my nursery and used as my changing table. I wish I had taken before pictures, though. It was a brown color with brass handles and covered in stickers. Bret sanded it down, painted it, and added the new fixtures. It is gorgeous and he did such a good job!!

We are so excited and cannot wait to meet her! Let the baby watch continue!


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