October in Review

After a long hiatus, I am back!

I decided to take some time to get a schedule going and get used to being a mom (although I’m still not used to it, haha).

This month was a fun month!
September was spent at home for the most part, but October we really tried to go out often so we didn’t feel like we were trapped (we were going crazy being at home constantly).

First up: Colorado Road Trip!

There will be a full post devoted to this trip, but my whole family went to Colorado for my aunt’s wedding and it was so much fun! It was Amelia’s first road trip and it was my first road trip without my Dad. I’m hoping we do a lot more road trips in the future!


October 7: Childhood Home

This day and this past weekend were pretty emotional for me. We were finally getting ready to sell our childhood home and after the tenants moved out, my sister and I walked through it one last time. It was definitely a surreal moment walking through the house I grew up in, being in my bedroom, seeing where my dog was buried, and, in general, just seeing all the different places where I made so many memories.

This past weekend we got news that we have a buyer so that made it even more emotional because it solidified the fact that this house will no longer be ours. I’m definitely going to miss it!


October 8: Disneyland!

Amelia went to Disneyland and CA Adventure for the first time to celebrate my friend’s birthday! Even though she slept the entire day, it was so great being back at DL as a normal human being and not pregnant, haha!



IMG_8242The picture above is our family photo on Small World. I forced Bret to take a picture with me and the cacti because…well, I really like cacti, haha.

October 13: Christmas Shopping

Yes, we went Christmas shopping in October.

We went to Homegoods and found some great decor and gifts for Christmas. All while wearing a Halloween candy onesie!


October 18: Disneyland

Amelia had her second trip to Disneyland. This time we went with my mom and one of her friends. Again, Amelia slept basically the entire time we were there. It was nice going with my mom because we were able to leave Amelia with her while we rode Matterhorn!




October 25: Visiting Papa

Amelia had her 2 month check-up and got all her shots! (insert sad face here, though she took it like a champ) Afterwards we had lunch at the pizza place where my brother works and then stopped to say hi to my grandpa. When we got to his house, Bret handed Amelia to her and she sat in my grandpa’s lap for 15-20 minutes without crying. He just talked to her and she kept on laughing and smiling. It was the cutest thing!


October 31: Halloween!

We originally were not planning on dressing up but at the very last minute decided to DIY a costume for Amelia. Since we already have Nightmare Before Christmas outfits, we figured making a Zero the Ghost Dog outfit would be fairly easy (it was, haha). I also took some pictures of Amelia in the Snow White dress my sister got her. I got the poison apple mug during our last Disneyland trip and couldn’t pass up the photo op!




What did you do this month and what did you dress up as for Halloween?
Comment below and let me know!


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