Decorating Small Apartments for Christmas

Since my first year of law school, I have tried to find the best way to decorate a small space. My previous apartment and the one I’m in now do not have a lot of space. The apartment I’m in now is tiny compared to what I lived in before. Friends will visit and joke that their bedroom is bigger than my whole apartment.

Here are some tips that I found help me organize and decorate my small space.

Be sparing in your decor

In small spaces it’s easy to want to show every piece of decor, try not to. Be thoughtful and sparing in how you decorate and things will look more out together rather than cluttered.

Wrap books as a way to decorate without spending much

As a way of practicing the previous tip, I decided to wrap some of my coffee table books that I have displayed on my shelf. Wrapping books to display adds a cute, fun, and inexpensive holiday decor piece that will guests wondering why they didn’t think of it first.

Use the rule of 3

This is a general tip for decor–decorate in threes. My mom taught me this (she is super into holiday decor) and it has been something that I constantly think about when decorating. For some reason, three pieces of decor together look aesthetically pleasing. Two is too few and four is too much. Three is just right!

Use a table runner under your tv

When we found out we were going to have Amelia, we immediately starting wondering how we’d fight a baby & her things plus us & our things in a 500-something square foot apartment. One way we did this was making the dining room area into her nursery. So all the dining room table decor I had (centerpieces, tablecloths, table runners, etc) became useless. That is, until I decided to put my table runner under our tv. I did it first at Halloween and loved it so I knew I’d do it for Christmas too. Using a table runner under your tv adds a little festivity too a small area you’d normally probably not decorate.

Decorate shelves on bookcases and tv consoles

My last tip is to decorate shelves on bookcases and tv consoles. On our bookshelf I took an entire shelf to hold our nativity. I think it looks really nice between all the books. It also utilized a space that can be awkward at times. My bookcase is from Target and has removable shelves so I can customize the height between each shelf. I like this because it makes it easy to decorate and store all of my books!


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