Last Minute Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

Every year I say I’m going to get all my Christmas shopping done early but it never happens (anyone else?). So to help out my fellow late shoppers, I’ve compiled a list of things that might make things a little easier for you either with you also grabbing these items or seeing these helps spark an idea for someone on your list!

For Family Fun Nights

I picked up these three games for a couple people in my family. You can never go wrong with Harry Potter especially because any Harry Potter fan will love channeling their inner Ravenclaw by testing their knowledge in trivial pursuit. Carmen San Diego was one of my favorite games growing up so when I saw this at Target, I knew it would be a really great gift for…ahem, myself. And finally, Catan! First of all, I suggest the actual board game, it’s amazing! But I did find this dice game that I picked up for someone because it can be played by one to four people. There are several people in my family who like playing games by themselves so I thought this would be perfect!

For the Newlyweds/My Best Friend Just Moved

My mom and I each have a huge stash of kitchen towels and oven mitts, not sure why, but they’re just so cute. These sets are perfect for newlyweds or someone who just moved as a house warming gift. It’s also perfect for those who like cooking or baking! I found the Give Thanks set at a local boutique but you can find similar ones at Homegoods.

For the Little Ones

The Little People sets, Mega Bloks, and Lego Duplos are great for young kids to help encourage creativity. I picked up these two sets for Amelia (obviously for when she’s older) because she loves, and I mean looooves, Bob the Builder. I decided on these because when we watch it, she can play with toys that resemble the things Bob uses.

Stocking Stuffers for Little Ones

I also picked up these plush dolls from Beauty and the Beast for her stocking. I’ve been telling everyone “no more stuffed animals” but I’m a sucker for all Belle related things. Like Bob, Belle is another favorite of Amelia’s so I thought she’d like these dolls to play with while we watch the movie and go to Disneyland.

For the Tween

My niece is in 7th grade and isn’t allowed to wear makeup yet so she loves painting her nails. I subscribe to Julep and when I don’t want the current months colors, I pick out ones I think she’ll like. Nail polish is always a good gift for middle schoolers. Lip gloss is also a good gift (it’s technically the only makeup she’s allowed to wear whenever).

For the Beauty Beginner

I love Soap & Glory products. I use their body scrubs and makeup, and Bret loves their facial cleanser (it’s the blue one). This beauty box is perfect for someone who may be starting to dabble in makeup. It comes with mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, a highlighter, lip gloss, and brushes. It’s a great set for a beginner to play around with and become familiar with using different products.

For the Makeup Addict

If you have someone you need a great makeup gift for that is more advanced than the previous suggestion, try the new Too Faced Gold Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette, the Anastasia Sugar Glow Kit, or theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipstick set. All three of these are perfect for the holidays. The Gold Chocolate palette has great shimmer shades perfect for holiday eye looks. The Sugar glow kit is stunning and is great for fair, light, and medium skin tones. TheBalms lip set is great for those who love doing their lips. I love mini sized lip products because, think about it, when was the last time you finished a lip product before it expired?

Stocking Stuffers for All

Phone cases and pop sockets are great gifts for anyone! You literally cannot go wrong. Even if you don’t think the person will actually use the pop socket for its intended purpose, chances are they’ll use it just to fidget with it (a great alternative to the fidget spinner). I have one on all my phone cases and constantly find Bret playing with it. Fun and cute phone cases are great too because it allows the person to switch up their style every once in a while!

For the Caffeine Junkie

Tumblers and coffee to-go mugs are a must for anyone who loves hot or cold coffee or tea. I have a bunch of the Starbucks ceramic to-go mugs and they’re my favorite! I also have the cold drink cups for when I want tea or water on the go. These are what I like to give coworkers, bosses, or the mom/dad on the go!

For the Stressed Out One

I feel like everyone I know is constantly stressed, except my brother and sister-in-law…I’ve legit never seen them stressed. But, whether you’re a teacher or attorney, these soothing neck pillows, foot scrub and lotions, and bath salts are perfect for those who have stress as their middle name. My mom is a teacher and normally gets gift cards and candy from students during the holidays. To stand out, try something along these lines for teachers because they really deserve to be pampered!

For the Sentimental Ones

You can never go wrong with personalized gifts. I found these frames that have a space for a picture and a foot/hand print (it came with all the materials needed to do the print). I love these! When my niece was born, my sister always gave picture gifts to grandparents and great grandparents. At a certain point, they don’t need anything material, just the love from their families. That’s why if I ever struggled to think of a gift this year, I would just frame a picture of Amelia and call it a day, lol!

For the Memory Makers

This year I decided to focus more on making memories than giving gifts (although everyone still is getting something to unwrap). This week I took my mom, sister, niece, and sister-in-law to see The Nutcracker Ballet. The Nutcracker is one of my favorite things ever and I was so excited to share that experience with my family. We saw the American Ballet’s production at the Segerstrom and it was amazing! I’m always in awe of the ballerinas and the orchestra. If The Nutcracker isn’t your thing and you’re in California, try the Warmer Bros. Studio Tour or a trip to Disneyland.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide and found some ideas for gifts from it! Comment below what some of your go-to gifts are for friends and family!


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