January 2018 in Review

I can’t believe it’s the new year and that it’s already February!

I usually feel like January through March go by as slow as a sloth. However, this is the first time I feel like January has flown by.

January wasn’t too eventful but there were a couple moments that stand out.

We started off the new year by having breakfast with Bret’s dad, who still hasn’t decided what he wants to be called. We’re currently calling him Grandpa but I really want to call him Gramps because it makes him sound way older than he actually is, his worst nightmare, haha!


We had fun on our first Disneyland trip of the year. We went on Monsters Inc and Peter Pan, which were Bret and Amelia’s first times, and they both loved it!

We try to have dinner with Bret’s grandparents at least once a month, and this month Bret’s mom joined us! We had a blast with Amelia rolling over every chance she got.

^and this happened….oops

We went to Disneyland again with my mom where Amelia laughed her way through the Haunted Mansion. I was laughing so hard because she was so loud on the ride from laughing so much! She also went on Pirates for the first time. She did fine on the first drop and cried on the second but she was also really hungry so maybe next time we’ll try it when she’s not hungry, haha.

The Boo Babe is now 5 months which makes it feel like time has gone by even faster!

We are excited for February because we’re going to Vegas (Bret’s first time, can you believe it?!) and my best friend is visiting from Ohio!


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