Fashion Friday vol. 1

Fashion is something that I love and a huge part of that is making the outfit look perfect with the right accessories. Every so often I’ll be sharing posts on fashion where I recap some of my favorite outfits and how you can pair accessories with it.

The best accessories, in my opinion, come from Park Lane Jewelry. They have a wide range of jewelry that can be mixed and matched with all styles and preferences. They have an amazing customer plan, where you buy any 2 items at full price and then can get up to 4 items at half price, plus a bunch of other perks. Read all about it on my page, here.

Jewelry: Iconic necklace, Fiona necklace, Bossbabe watch (contact me), Serena & Iconic bracelets

Layering is one of my favorite ways to accessorize. I like to pair a shorter necklace with a longer one. Longer necklaces help elongate the body but the shorter necklaces pull everything together. Also arm parties are the easiest thing to do! Just pile a bunch of bracelets with or without a watch and you’re good to go!

Jewelry: Lala Earrings

With high necklines I forget the necklace, it distracts from the beauty of the top. This top also has long sleeves so I decided not to wear bracelets or a watch either because this didn’t have the type of sleeve you could push up. Keeping it simple can make as big of an impact as wearing lots of jewelry.

Jewelry: Wynn watch (contact me), Kohrs ring

This watch was a gift from Park Lane for attending convention and it is my newest obsession! I wear it every day, whether I’m dressed casually or fancy. It is part of the Host Reserve, so you can’t order it unless you have a styling with me, but let me tell you, it’s worth!

Jewelry: Ibiza necklace & Sugar Plum earrings

Sweaters are a piece of clothing that can be paired with lots of different accessories. I usually pair long necklaces with sweaters but sometimes with wear a shorter statement necklace. As a tip: if wearing a turtleneck or a high collar that goes up around your neck, wear the necklace outside the clothing around your neck so it falls naturally. We were watching The Cutting Edge 1 & 2 and I’m both movies the actresses wore necklaces coming out of their turtlenecks and it looked so awkward, haha.

I hoped you enjoyed this edition of fashion Friday! If you have any pieces of jewelry you want tips on how to style, let me know!


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