Vegas, Baby!

Viva Las Vegas!

We spent four days in Vegas and it was a ton of fun! We had several reasons for going, mainly the Park Lane Jewelry Convention and my mom’s birthday.

Although I’ve been to Vegas several times, this time was different: it was Bret’s first time!!

When Bret told me he had never been to Vegas, I was shocked! Bret used to be a big party boy so I just figured he would’ve gone at some point.

We left on Thursday morning around 6:30am. When we got to Victorville, we had breakfast at the new Cracker Barrel. It was delicious, as always! We met up with my mom and her friend, Kitty, so we could follow each other the rest of the way. We also stopped at Alien Fresh Jerkey, which is in Baker, CA and has amazingggg beef jerkey in lots of different flavors.

When we got into Vegas, one of our two rooms were ready so we piled into it while we waited. We also got crepes from La Creperie for lunch and they were so good! While my mom went to the airport to pick up my aunt, Bret and I got ready for our date night.

While the ladies babysat, we ate dinner at Nine Fine Irishmen. It’s an Irish pub at New York New York and it was absolutely delicious! I have bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes) and Bret had Shepard’s Pie. If you need a suggestion on where to eat in Vegas, go there!

After that we gambled a little at NYNY, we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, where Bret proposed! While up there we watched the Bellagio water show and even found the room my mom was in by waving our phones at each other, haha.

On our second day here, it was my mom’s birthday!

My mom, Kitty, and I spent our morning in workshops with Park Lane. I’m so happy we were able to go for convention because the speakers were amazing!

Afterwards, we all went to lunch at a taqueria in Bally’s and then walked around Ceasar’s. We relaxed that afternoon until we went over to the Venetian for dinner and a gondola ride! I have always wanted to do a gondola ride so I was very excited to finally get to do it. Our gondolier was amazing; he was actually from Italy! We even got Amelia a gondolier outfit for when she’s older and I seriously can’t wait until she can fit it.

Saturday morning we went to more workshops with Park Lane and then walked around MGM and NYNY for lunch, where we ended up eating at Nine Fine Irishmen again! We weren’t super hungry so we shared an appetizer and dessert, which, again, were delicious!

Saturday evening was Park Lane’s fancy awards dinner. It was so nice seeing everyone dressed to the nines. My mom, Kitty, and Aunt Carolyn cut out early because they went to see O at the Bellagio.

Sunday morning the ladies left early, but we decided to stay in Vegas a little longer. We had crepes for breakfast and then headed to the Mob Museum downtown. If there is one thing you need to do when in Vegas, it’s go to the Mob Museum (that is, if it interests you). The Mob Museum details the lives of some of the most famous mobsters, how they came to Vegas, and how the FBI caught some of them. They’re also adding some new experiences that weren’t open yet, but looked really cool.

Once we finished at the Mob Museum, we said bon voyage to Vegas and headed home.

Bret definitely loved being in Vegas and is already ready to plan our next vacation to there.


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