April Beauty Favorites

April flew by!

This past month has been crazy busy which means I only had a little bit of time to actually wear makeup. On the daily, I am not wearing a full face of makeup. Since Amelia is usually awake when I can put on makeup, I have limited time to do anything so I usually just throw on some mascara and head out the door.

Mary’s Tip: if you want to look awake and put together without putting on a ton of makeup, just wear mascara!

However, on the rare occasions that I wear a full face, I have a routine that is tried and true and I have developed over a couple months of trying to do my makeup as quickly as possible!

The most important part for me is my base. I have redness on my cheeks and overall discoloration that I like to cover up. However, my biggest problem has been keeping foundation on my nose. By the end of the day, the foundation has basically disappeared.

I started using Soap & Glory’s One Heck of a Blot Primer on just my nose (spreading it outwards in the T-Zone). This is a silicone primer that is marketed and loved by those with oily skin. I have dry skin so I normally use hydrating or illuminating primers but this silicone primer is a game changer for my nose. It keeps the foundation on all day!

I’ve also been lacking in SPF. I don’t put sunscreen on my face and none of my products have SPF added to it. Well, my best friend suggested I try this COOLA BB Cream with SPF. It acts as a primer, color correcting, tanning, and foundation, all in one! I put this on after primer but before foundation and I have noticed my redness peekshs through less. And this is perfect for long days at Disneyland! You can even wear it by itself and it looks great!

Foundation and concealers are two of my favorite products and what I have the most of! I love trying new foundations! This Essence Fresh & Fit foundation is light to medium coverage and does not feel heavy on the skin. Despite being lighter coverage, it covers all my redness without any issues! This new Makeup Revolution concealer is also a new favorite. It is full coverage to the max! So if I do have some spots of discoloration peeking through, I add this concealer on top and it does the trick!

For finishing touches, this Tarte Maneater vol. 2 eyeshadow palette is a must! It has neutral colors that are great for every day and evening looks! I have created so many different eye looks with this eyeshadow that I have to force myself to use a different palette.

This lipstick is my current go-to! It’s Kat Von D’s Ludwig and it is the perfect “your lips but better” color. I pair with this almost every eyeshadow look and fashion statement. It just enhances my lip color and makes my lips look great!

The last thing I’ve been loving is this Tocca Passport Collection mini set. This has eight sample sizes of Tocca perfumes. I have never tried this brands perfumes but have heard great things so I decided to pick this up from Sephora. My favorite, not surprisingly, is call Emilia (just another way to spell my daughters name!). This scent is fresh, floral, and romantic. I find myself reaching for this scent daily and will be very sad when I run out!

What were some products you were living in April?!


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