Date Night Outfit

Most of our date nights are spent with Amelia since we don’t have a babysitter nearby. Therefore, I like my date night outfits to be cute and functional.

One of my go-to outfits is a top, jeans, and cardigan. On casual days, I’ll just wear a v-neck T-shirt. On date nights, I’ll wear a cute cami. Add a pair of boots and viola! This outfit is such an easy outfit to do that’ll make people think you spent a long time putting it together!

Another thing I always make sure I have for date night is jewelry! I don’t always wear a necklace when I run to Target but I always make sure to wear something for date night. It’s the final touch to an outfit that really pulls everything together.

This week, we are excited that Bret’s brothers girlfriend is staying with us! It’s so nice having another person to shop and talk with. I mean, I talk to Amelia while we’re out and about but people just think I’m talking to myself, lol.

Saturday is our anniversary so she’s going to babysit on Friday while we celebrate! We’re actually going to have a baby-less date night!!!! Which we have t had since Vegas!


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