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I love perfumes! I really like being able to smell differently based on my mood or the season. I even have a little tray of perfume samples from Sephora so I am constantly trying new scents for when I run out of a bottle of something. I generally like either floral or spicy scents. As you’ll see, my go-to scent is warm and spicy, perfect for fall and winter weather. My other go-to scent is floral and light, which is great for spring and summer.


YSL Black Opium

This is my go-to fall and winter scent! It’s like they bottled the essence of fall and winter into a bottle and said, “Here, let’s make it the best seasons all year round.” This perfume is described as having coffee, cedarwood, and orange blossom notes. I don’t get the orange blossom but I definitely get the richness of coffee and cedarwood. This is my most recommended perfume for anyone; I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t like this one.

NEST Dahlia & Vines

This perfume smells so nice! It is a floral scent, so unlike Black Opium, it is must lighter but I classify this as a fall and winter scent too because it’s not as light as other floral scents. You know how flowers have a sweet and a tart smell? This perfume has more of the tart than the sweet which is why I think it’s more of a fall/winter scent. This perfume is described as having daffodils, peony, rose, and garden vine notes, and I definitely agree. The scent all together is very robust and makes me fell likes I’m roaming through the woods when I wear it.

Versace Eros

This perfume has a combination of a ton of scents, most notably is citrus, magnolia, and musk notes. Bret has the male version of this and I think of this perfume as a lighter version of that. Similar to Dahlia & Vines, I feel like I’m walking through the woods when I wear this one because it’s more robust and stronger than any other perfume I own.


YSL Mon Paris

I was at the mall one day and my friend made me smell this. We both love Black Opium and I think of Mon Paris as the sister to Black Opium but the lighter, more carefree sister. Sephora describes this perfume as passionate, sensual, and sophisticated, which is the perfect way to describe it. It has notes of peony, cedarwood, and lots of different fruits. I have a travel sized version of this and I take this with me everywhere! This is my go-to spring and summer scent because it is so light and airy but very sensual.

Elizabeth & James Nirvana White

Part of me got this perfume because Elizabeth & James is the Olsen Twins brand and I was obsessed with them when I was younger. I still have all their movies and can’t wait to show them to Amelia. All of the E&J perfumes are very deep and robust; they are not for the faint of heart or the casual perfume wearer. This one in particular is the lightest smelling of them all. It is very floral compared to their other “manly” perfumes with notes of peony, muguet, and tender musk. I find myself reaching for this one of a daily basis because it’s a nice every day scent.

Tiffany & Co.

Bret and I were at the mall one night when a saleslady asked me if I wanted to try this perfume. It was brand new, had come out that day, and they were running a special on it. She sprayed my wrist and we continued to walk around the store. After about 15 or 20 minutes, I smelled my wrist and just stopped. It smelled SO good! I made Bret smell my wrist and he just gave me this look like, “Oh dang, that does smell good!” We turned around and bought it right then, lol! I’m not sure how to describe this one because the description doesn’t do a good job at it. Just take my word for it, it smells heavenly!

Kat Von D Saint

My story for this perfume is similar to the Olsen Twins one. I just really like Kat Von D! I love her art, her tattoos, and her makeup line. So when she came out with perfumes, I knew I would eventually pick one up, plus the packaging is absolutely gorgeous! This perfume has notes of jasmine, musk, and vanilla. I tend to reach for this perfume for date nights because it’s not an obvious sensual scent, rather it sneaks up on you. This perfume also has a companion called Sinner, which is more of a fall/winter scent.


I don’t have these yet, I’ve only tried samples, but these will be my next purchases when my bottles run out!


I think of this perfume as floral and spicy, kinda a mix of fall/winter vibes with spring/summer vibes. Also, the first time I smelled this I stood there trying to think of what it reminded me of but I couldn’t think of anything (and still can’t to this day but I know I’ve smelled something similar somewhere). It has notes of honeysuckle, white camellia, musk, and honey. Overall, it’s a romantic floral scent but the musk helps make it a more robust perfume.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

When I first smelled this, I knew I needed it but I have so many perfumes that I had to hold off and wait until I use up a few. This is described as warm and spicy but also an explosion of flowers, which I definitely understand! It has notes of orange blossoms and jasmine but ends with a deeper vanilla scent that makes it more warm and spicy. Once I get this one, I know I will have to force myself to use a different perfume because this will be my new go-to!

Do you have a perfume that you love or a signature scent? Let me know in the comments!


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