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What I’m Wearing: Peplum Top / Jeans / Mules / Sunglasses

There was a week when Bret was working the graveyard shift (9pm-5:30am) so he was sleeping during the day and awake all night. When that week was over, Bret had two days to get back to a normal sleep schedule before starting work the following Monday at 5am (yuck!). Therefore, Operation Keep Bret Awake was in full force the Sunday before Memorial Day in an effort to keep Bret awake so that he would probably fall asleep by 8pm and be ready to go at 5am. Naturally, I planned a full day out of the house running errands (mostly which included the mall, haha). Bret didn’t mind because he knew that he’d be at home asleep if we stayed home. That being said, I knew I wanted an outfit that was comfortable and easy to walk around in. I picked up this peplum shirt in several colors during Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale and I am in love! I love peplum tops, I think they are so flattering, especially on women who have smaller chests and bigger hips (aka me!). Then I threw on some jeans and my new mules from Target and I’m ready to go!

Another thing I’ve been doing lately is carrying a large purse instead of a diaper backpack and a small purse. I have this Tory Burch purse Bret got me for our anniversary that I was planning on using for when I go back to work, but since I haven’t started working yet, it’s my go-to diaper bag/purse! I carry Amelia’s changing things (diapers, wipes, and changing pad) in one of those travel pouches so everything stays together. This way when we’re out and about or in a restaurant, I just need to grab that pouch instead of my whole purse. I must say, being a new mom is difficult at times, but nothing is more satisfying than finding a system that works for you and making the whole parenting thing easier!


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