San Diego County Fair

We decided early Saturday morning that we’d venture down to Del Mar to visit the fair! The fair has been held at the Del Mar Racetrack ever since I can remember and each year it’s gotten busier and busier. I remember going as a kid with my mom and riding the kid rides, eating chili cheese fries, and walking through the halls filled with vendors.

This year was extra special because it was Amelia and Kaila’s first time! Amelia is 10 months so it wasn’t that big of a deal but Kaila is 21 and has never been to a fair!!!

We spent almost an hour trying to park once we got down to the Del Mar area. Once parked, we headed into the fair. Since we finally got inside the fair around 7pm, our first stop was dinner. We each grabbed something small and a beer. Kaila and I had Hot Dog on a Stick (my fave!) and Bret grabbed some BBQ (a fair classic).

We sat on a patch of fake grass, eating and listening to some live music, and watching Amelia crawl around the grass. Then we headed to the Fun Zone which is the adult ride area. This is where all the big versions of the rides are (the kid side has smaller versions of everything). As a kid my favorite ride was the really tall slide, so Kaila and I rode that first. We were going to ride the Ferris Wheel but the line was sooooo long, so we decided to skip it. We also went through the Fun House..twice! It was so fun and the best view of the fair was on the third floor. It looked out over all the games and rides, and with everything lit up, it was a beautiful view.

We ended our night with dessert. I got a (no so good) strawberry shortcake. But Kaila! Oh boy, she got the cotton candy ice cream sandwich, and she ate the whole thing! She wasn’t even halfway through with it and she already had a sugar rush, haha! Overall, we had a really fun night! Kaila is headed back home to Washington so it was a great way to spend our last night with her!

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