Happy July Fourth!

Happy Independence Day, y’all!

First off, I hope you all have a fun and safe day!

Speaking of safe, last 4th of July was one for the books. I was 8 months pregnant with Amelia, studying for the bar exam, and feeling down about the bar and pregnancy (it was a rough summer, y’all). We took a few hours off and went to Bret’s grandparents house to celebrate. I actually put on makeup, something I rarely did that far along in pregnancy. We grilled steaks and ate a ton of food….or at least, I ate a ton of food, haha. The best/worst part of the night was the fireworks. Bret bought a big pack of them and we went out onto the street to set some off. The first one was the biggest. It shot up about 10 feet high and out and just kept going. When it was done, Bret took the box and put it outside the house next to our car and then headed back out to set off more. When we came back, we were walking towards the house and saw something flickering. When we got closer, we realized the firework box was on fire and it was right under our car! Bret ran over and kicked it out from under the car and put water on it. After the fire was put out, we realized that the fire had been right under the gas tank. If we had comeback any later, our car would’ve blown up and his grandparents house would be on fire. The Lord was watching out for our (mainly Bret’s) stupid heads that day, haha!

This 4th we’re hoping to not have that happen again! It’s Amelia’s first 4th so we’re really excited because we know she’ll love the fireworks. But Bret is currently working the graveyard shift so he has to go to work at 9:30pm, and we’ll only get a few hours of celebrating together when he’s actually awake.

Hope you liked my story time and Amelia’s cute pictures! Have a great holiday!!


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