Apartment Transformation: Bedroom

As I mentioned in my last Apartment Transform post, we’ve spent the last few months rearranging and decorating our little space to make it feel like home. Today’s transformation is our “master” bedroom. As you’ll see, it’s in the living space and we don’t live in a studio. We opted to give Amelia the secluded bedroom so she had privacy. Having our bed in the main space has actually turned out well! It makes the whole space feel so much bigger.

So our room is somewhat split up. Our clothes stayed in the closet and dresser in Amelia’s room. But our shoe rack and laundry basket is in our room. Our transition piece that goes from the bedroom to our living room is a bookcase that holds all of Amelia’s books and my makeup. I love having this little space to get ready because I can easily keep an eye on Amelia while she plays but I’m not in her way.

The decor we added is what gives the room dimension. Normally, I feel like bedrooms lack dimension. Most people spend their time decorating every other room in the house and neglect the bedroom. To combat this, we added a gallery wall filled with different pieces we’ve collected over the past year, and we added a shelf holding decor over the laundry basket. We have another shelf to add above the shoe rack but we haven’t gotten around to it yet. I feel like these extra decor pieces help elevate the bedroom and not make it look so drab.

I really love how our bedroom turned out! The only thing now is that Amelia has figured out how to climb onto the bed so now we’re chasing after her even more than before!


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