Seize the Day!

Last Friday night, my mom and I had our tickets for the second show at Moonlight Amphitheater in Vista: Newsies! I couldn’t decide if I was excited or not. I had never seen Newsies (the broadway taping on Netflix or the Charlie Sheen version), I didn’t really know the story or music, but I did know that my dad loved it. I figured if he loved it, I’d like it too.

We actually started our day in Vista much earlier. Amelia and I met my sister, niece, and mom for lunch, which is always one of my favorite things to do! Then Amelia and I headed to my moms to go swimming and have dinner. Before the pool, my mom was cleaning the patio so we could have dinner out there and Amelia got to play in the pirate ship for the first time! My sister moved my nieces pirate ship to my moms house when she moved and I’ve been waiting for the right time for Baby A to play in it. She loved it!

My mom, Amelia, and I went to the pool and Amelia tried out a floaty thing. She lasted about 10 minutes before wanting to move more freely in the pool by being held. Man, does this kid love the pool!

After dropping a sleeping Amelia off at my sisters, I was off to Seize the Day! Newsies was amazing! I loved the versatile set, the costumes, and digital interaction. But the young kid playing Jack was fantastic! I mean, all the main guys were amazing, but the guy playing Jack sure could belt. The other best part was the dancing. OMG! The tap scene that opens the second act was a show stopper for sure.

Since it was still warm out, I had difficultly finding the right outfit. The Moonlight is an outdoor theatre and our seats are in the front row so you never can foresee if it’ll be warm or cool. I ended up opting for jeans, a cami, and a suede jacket. This summer I’ve been wanting to dress on theme for each show but this one was a little more difficult so I made due with what I had. The only thing I forgot was my Baker Boy hat!

If you’re in the Southern California area, head over to the Moonlight for Newsies, or any of the other shows this summer)! If you can’t make Newsies, Hunchback of Norte Dame is next and Chicago closes out the season.

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