Sushi Date Night

For Bret’s birthday, he woke up early so we could go out to dinner before having to go to work (ugh that 9:30pm shift). He chose sushi, which I was so excited about because we rarely get sushi anymore. We ended up getting our favorites, spider and caterpillar rolls, and were lucky enough to have Amelia sleep through the whole thing. I was also lucky because this particular sushi restaurant happened to serve Pepsi (my fave)!

After dinner we still had two hours before Bret had to work so we grabbed him some coffee and walked around TJ Maxx/Homegoods. This used to be our typical night out: dinner somewhere (usually Boudin) and then walking around a store (usually Nordstrom Rack). It’s the easiest date night to do with a baby because we don’t pick fancy restaurants and no one cares about babies fussing in a store, especially ones as busy as Nordstrom Rack or Homegoods. But with Bret’s current schedule, it’s been a whiiiiiile since we’ve done this. It’s actually been a while since we’ve even gone out at night. It’s times like these that I wish Kaila was still here and not in Utah. She was always so willing to come up and babysit for us! (Kaila, come backkkkk, we miss youuuu)

Hopefully by the end of August Bret will be back to a normal day shift and we’ll have more time to spend with each other and our families.

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