Summer BBQ

My family has a lot of traditions, if you will, and one of them is having a very particular BBQ every summer. My grandpa is part Italian and German and really likes sausage, haha. So every summer he hosts a sausage fry where we grill several kk da of sausage (plus all the delicious sides, like beans).

Earlier that day, my mom and I went to church and ran some errands. We quickly realized it was going to be a hot day. Even when we got home the house was hot and all day we couldn’t seem to cool down. My mom kept saying, “I can’t wait until we go to Grandpa’s since he’ll have the air on!”

My mom and grandpa live on the same street but on opposite ends. When we arrived we walked in and both of us just about died. He didn’t have the air on! He said he didn’t need it. My moms like “he has solar, it will literally cost him nothing.” Major face palm moment, haha.

But the best part of the evening was after dinner. My sister suggested we take a ride to the duck pond. My grandpa and mom live on a golf course and my grandpa lives at the end of the street where there’s an access point onto the course. He has a golf cart that we like to take all over because it’s fun to drive and so much better than walking, haha.

So, my sister, niece, Amelia, and I set off! My sister, carrying Amelia, decided to walk to the pond while my niece and I drove. I kept joking that we were trading kids, haha. We have been visiting this duck pond since we were kids, especially when my cousins visited. The pond has ducks, very mean geese, and koi fish.

When we decided to leave, we piled into the cart and drove back to the house. My sister drove while my niece and Amelia sat on my lap and, oh my gosh, it was too funny. The cart was going slow up hills, Amelia was trying to get out, and my niece kept taking pictures.

The other funny part was when we drove over to the wedding area. The current owners of the golf course have spent so much time and money renovating the clubhouse and adding a beautiful wedding area. While taking pictures, my sister sees a sign that cautions people that there is poison oak on the other side of the little fence. Then we debated whether the poison oak was where I was sitting or by where my sister was standing. She then walked along the fence pointing out all of it, including where it was by me, haha. Luckily I didn’t touch anything and I am not an itchy mess!

The picture below is of the moment my sister told me about the poison oak. They’re too good not to share!

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