Summer Nights at Disneyland

One of my favorite things to do all year round is go to Disneyland in the evening to ride a couple rides, have dinner, or watch the fireworks. We’ve been busy with Bret’s schedule all turned around so this post has me reminiscing on a recent summer night we spent at the parks. My mom and one of her friends met Bret, Amelia, and I for dinner at Cafe Orleans in Disneyland and then we went to CA Adventure to see Pixar Pier. It had just opened and I was so excited to see it! The decor was out-of-this-world spot on (as always) with all the different Pixar references. I like how they incorporated the Pixar shorts and not just the movies. We didn’t ride any rides or get any food so I’m saving that for a less-crowded day when it’s not so hot.


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