How To Sell Your Clothes Online

Since I’m not working but actively taking care of a baby, I found that I needed something to do. Que cleaning/organizing/decluttering. I always tend to want to get rid of stuff when I spend a considerable amount of time at home. For the most part I’ve been donating all my stuff or Amelia’s stuff that she’s grown out of. But then I started to realize I was donating a lot of items that were still in really good condition.

I had previously sold and bought a couple items on Poshmark and had a really great experience. I also used to sell on eBay but found that your everyday stuff isn’t good for that (eBay is good for those one-of-a-kind or hard to find things, like retired Legos). I started to list my clothes and I was shocked at how quickly some stuff was selling. Now, before we get into this, know that not everything will sell really quickly or at all. It depends on the season, the condition of the item, and how you sell it. In just a few short months, I’ve become a top rated seller and I’m here to help you become one too!

What to Sell

Poshmark allows three big categories of stuff (women, men, and kids) with subcategories below those (clothing, accessories, purses, and shoes). When thinking about what to sell, the number one thing to remember is: condition. If it’s a shirt that you’ve worn a thousand times, it has stains, and smells, don’t sell it! If it’s not in good condition a buyer will quickly pass over that listing. I think about it this way: would I give this item to a family member or friend and not feel weird about it? If the answer is yes, sell it! If the answer is no, trash it or donate it.

One thing to note is that a lot of things are prohibited items: perfume, liquids, used makeup, books, home decor, toys, blankets. This is a platform strictly for clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and new makeup.

I only sell things from my own closet but many Poshers go to thrift stores and resell things they find there. I’ve heard of some people making a full time business out of it so if you start to sell from your closet and find you love it, you could consider that route.

Creating a Listing

There are certain factors that go into a listing and the number one most important thing is pictures! If you don’t have good pictures, you’re going to have a hard time selling. I prefer to take pictures in natural lighting and of all angles. You want your pictures to show your item the best way but to also show any flaws. Make sure you take close up shots of anything you think would be important for a buyer to know. Even if it’s hard to see the flaw, try to capture it on camera. It’s also good to have a neutral background. I prefer to lay the item on a piece of fabric. Some people use mannequins or put it on a hanger, but I find flat lays are the best way to display in my opinion.

The other most important part is the description. In the description you must be as clear and truthful as possible. You want to include if it’s new or worn, any flaws, color, brand, size, measurements (optional), and anything else you think would be important to you if you were buying it. It is very important to be truthful and descriptive because if a buyer receives the item and it’s not as described they can open a case and Poshmark will decide if they will issue a return.

A listing will also have drop-down style categories for you to fill out such as brand, size, color, original price, selling price, etc. One thing to keep in mind about price is to know that Poshmark takes out a certain amount as their fee. When filling in the listing price, there is a spot right below it that will display how much you’ll make less the Poshmark fee. Another thing to know is that people come to Poshmark looking for a deal. So if you bought a leather jacket at $200, you could list it at that price but you probably won’t get that price. Just be flexible on what you’re willing to take!

Offers & Purchases

There are two ways a buyer can purchase something from you: Buy It Now or Make an Offer. Buy It Now is pretty self-explanatory. The buyer is purchasing the item from you without any haggling whatsoever. However, the Make an Offer feature allows the buyer to make you an offer on what they’d like to pay. Say I list a nice top at $30 and someone offers me $20. I have the option to accept their offer, counter their offer, or decline it. If you decline, they can make another offer but mostly likely won’t. Even if you want to decline, always counter! You can counter with your original price and that lets the buyer know you think their price is too low. If I received this offer, I would most likely accept because I want to get rid of the things in my closet quickly. However, if I were to counter, say $25, that’s a good happy-medium to what we’re both offering. One thing to note is buyers are weird. Sometimes they want the item and are willing to get in an offer/counteroffer war with you until you agree. Others just want to see how low they can get the price and don’t really care if you accept the offer or not. All offers expire after 24 hours, so if you counter, the person must accept or decline within 24 hours or else it expires and they’ll have to make an offer again in order to get it.

Another feature Posh has is called Offer to Likers. This is where you, the seller, can extend a discount to anyone who has “liked” the item. All Offers to Likers require a shipping discount as well as a minimum 10% discount. You can either offer free or discounted shipping but there’s no way around this unless you lower the price publicly. Free and discounted shipping does come out of your profit, so keep that in mind if you want to offer free shipping on an item you’re selling for less than $15 (your profit will be way less than $10). I prefer to do free shipping for items over $30 and discounted shipping for anything under $30.

Another way buyers can purchase items from you is to bundle them. This usually happens when a buyer likes more than one thing in your closet. They can choose to bundle them together, which saves on shipping, and allows them to make an offer on the whole bundle. However, when someone adds an item to a bundle, you also have the opportunity to offer a discount. On this type of offer you do not have to include a shipping discount but you can. Depending on the number of items in the bundle and the total amount, I usually offer free shipping for orders over $30 and at least a 10-20% discount.

Packaging and Shipping

One of my favorite things about Poshmark is that shipping is a flat fee (unless you give the buyer free or discounted shipping). I used to hate eBay for this reason because I could never price out the shipping correctly and usually priced it too low. Once you’ve sold an item it’s time to package it up and send it off! Once an item sells Poshmark will send you an email detailing the transaction and attach a pdf of the shipping label. All you have to do is print the label and tape it to whatever packaging you use.

For packaging, you have a couple options. The post office has free materials you can use. Since there has been some conflict on using the flat rate shipping boxes, I suggest using the mailing envelopes that are flat, flimsy, and made out of recycled material (pictured above closeup and in all the other photos). These envelopes can fit a lot of stuff! You can also purchase materials from the store (Target, Walmart, Staples, etc.). They sell the envelopes that has the bubble wrap on the inside and they sell big boxes. I only purchase the small bubble wrap envelopes for when I sell jewelry. I also will purchase boxes to fit big things like purses or big bundles. The other option you have is to use a box that you received from a previous online purchase. I use Nordstrom and Amazon boxes all the time! Just remember to take off the old label.

***UPDATE: Poshmark has added a disclaimer to their shipping labels which officially allows seller’s to use the free flat rate shipping boxes from the Post Office without any hassle from the USPS staff!! So feel free to use those materials to ship in!***

Once everything is packed, drop it off at the post office or give it to your mailman when he drops off your mail. It’s really that simple!

Final Thoughts

When I first started, I was a little more selective on what offers I accepted and my price point. However, now I’m at the point where I want to sell more but I also want to get rid of the stuff I already have piled up to sell. I am much more accepting of offers lately because I started to ask myself something: do I want to make money or do I want to get rid of this? Usually the latter wins (mainly because I store all this stuff on Bret’s side of the bedroom, haha). I’ve already used most of what I’m selling so getting any money for it is just a perk since I would have donated it or given it to a friend otherwise.

I hope you try Poshmark and do well! If you decide to join, use code “MEASHY” when signing up to get $5 off your first purchase! Also, look me up, follow me, and I’ll share items from your closet to my followers. My closet name is meashy!

Happy Poshing!



  • Kitty September 16, 2018 at 6:23 pm Reply

    Hi Mary. I wish I would have read this post all the way through before I signed up with Poshmark. I didn’t know you would get credit for it. Thank you for such a detailed post about Poshmark. I learned a lot and you answered some questions I had. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    • maryashcraft September 17, 2018 at 3:57 pm Reply

      Thanks, Kitty!! Glad I could help!

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