Mommy & Me Gingham

I love picking out outfits for Amelia and I to match. So when I saw this red gingham button-up with sequin shoulders, I knew it would match perfectly with Amelia’s dress. Each month we have dinner with Bret’s grandparents and I like to dress up Amelia and I. It’s the perfect excuse to try a new eyeshadow look or outfit because Bret’s Grandma is so fashionable and always tells me if something looks good or not. This gingham duo holds a special place in my heart because it makes me feel like we’re about to go work on a farm. It’s Bret and my dream to have a farmhouse and ranch so any outfit that gives me farm vibes is a magical outfit.

I think that’s also the reason we shop a lot at Boot Barn! It’s our go-to store for cute and comfy outfits. Their clothes last forever but the boots are my favorite. My top, cowgirl boots, and Amelia’s baby boots are from there!

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