Transitioning from Summer to Fall

I don’t know about where you live but I am rejoicing because it’s been in the mid-to-high 80s this week! We’ve had out A/C running all day every day for about a month and just finally got to turn it off (plus we got the bill and I almost fainted, haha). It’s been so hot here that I am trying to will it to be Fall so that we have cooler weather. Right now, it’s warm-ish during the day and then cooler at night. We keep the windows open all day and have somewhat of a nice breeze throughout the day and evening. The hard part now is what to wear. I find myself itching to wear sweaters, not because the weather calls for it, but that I they’re my favorite things to style and I just really want to wear them. But with this cooler weather, I can actually get away with wearing a thin cardigan in the evening. I still have to roll up the sleeves but at least I get to feel like the transition to Fall is coming soon (even though I’m sure it’s not).

This lavender duster is one of my favorite pieces that I picked up during the Nordstrom Sale. It’s lightweight and flowy so it’s a great piece to help transition your wardrobe from Summer to Fall. I’m also in love with these jeans, if you couldn’t tell I wear them all the time. They have a cut off hem with elongates the leg, especially when wearing heels. I wore this specific outfit (minus the heels, haha) to Disneyland the other night and it was perfect! I was able to wear just the tank top while it was still warm out but then add the cardigan once the fireworks were going off.

Last Friday we made a quick trip to Disneyland for dinner and a few rides. After dinner we went to Haunted Mansion, got shuffled into the elevator and then sat there for five minutes before a Cast Member coming and telling us the ride had broke down. I was really bummed because I really wanted to ride HM before it got switched over to the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. I am very excited for the holiday season at the parks. Fall and Halloween is so fun but Christmas is truly magical. If you happen to go during the Halloween season, make sure to stop and spot the Halloween Tree inspired by Ray Bradbury’s novel.

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