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I took a little two week break to catch up on life and because I was in a creative slump. Sometimes blog posts just come so easily for me because I have so much to say. Sometimes, not so much. The past two weeks were one of those times.

The day after Amelia turned one, my mom, Bret, and I went to my childhood best friend’s wedding. That was kind of an emotional evening for me. Our moms were pregnant and teaching together and then we went to the same daycare. We spent so much of our childhood together, every birthday, Halloween, and basically all our free time, haha. She was basically my other sister. Naturally, we grew apart but recently reconnected since our moms started teaching together again and we both have daughters.

Our weddings was something we talked about as kids. Just thinking about us being kids and where we are now was enough to make me emotional. Now, throw on top the fact that her dad was like another dad to me and my dad is now dead. Seeing Greg walk Ali down the aisle made me tear up but watching them during their father/daughter dance made me bawl. I’ve gotten pretty good at stifling back tears but I couldn’t control it during the dance. I ended up walking away and not watching the rest because I just couldn’t handle it. It also brought up the emotions of my dad not being here for any of Amelia’s life. But, it was a beautiful wedding and I’m so happy for Brian and Ali (and Vivi)!

But the big thing that took up most of my time these past two weeks was getting ready for Amelia’s birthday party. I’ll have a post on it on Friday but it was mermaid themed and it was so cute! Spoiler alert: Amelia slept through two-thirds of her own party, haha!

My favorite update is, of course, I’ve put up our Fall decor! I told myself I had to wait until after Amelia’s party so the next morning I put it all up and I’m so happy with it. And the weather has been feeling more like Fall so it’s perfect!


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