Mermaid Birthday Party

When it came to choosing a theme for Amelia’s party, we wanted to pick something that represented Amelia’s first year. In hindsight, I probably should’ve chosen the Greatest Showman, Cars 3, or You’ve Got Mail because we watch them every day but we chose mermaid because she loves the pool!

I knew I wanted to make most of the decor because I figured a store wouldn’t have what I wanted. I made jellyfish out of ribbon and strung them through nets holding balloons that looked like water, so when you sat under them it would feel like you’re sitting under water.

I also came up with names for all the food and drinks, like the spinach artichoke dip was seaweed dip, chips were seashells, and beer was pirates booty! I opted for cupcakes over a cake because I knew Amelia wouldn’t eat a whole cake, haha. I made High Tide Cupcakes (funfetti) and Seabed Cupcakes (German chocolate).

The morning was a little hectic! Bret was trying to fix my moms toilet while she and I got ready…without water for several hours! But once everyone starting arriving everything went well…except for Amelia getting cranky and then falling asleep and napping for most of the party, haha. I ended up waking her up to open presents which was basically me opening them and Bret sitting with her next to me, haha!

I’m so appreciative to my mom for helping me with the party and my friends for helping me keep the food stocked. I’m so happy everyone was able to make it and Amelia is already loving all the toys she got!


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