September Style Challenge, Part 2

Read Part 1 HERE.

Here is week two of my outfits for Erika Fox’s style challenge! Make sure to follow along on Instagram (@maryashcraft) and follow Erika (@retroflame).

Day 8: It’s In The Details

As you’ll see below, I combined Days 8 & 9 because on Day 8 I was cleaning out my dad’s stuff from my moms garage and looked crazy from all the sneezing. The next day we went to Disneyland and I wore a dress (for the first time since I was a kid) and flats because I thought we were only supposed to be there for an hour or two. We ended up being there for much longer because the line for the Haunted Mansion Holiday was soooo long! Anyway, this outfit has a couple little details for Fall which include my candy corn Minnie ears and the patterned ruffle sleeves remind me of Jack Skellington.

Day 9: She Means Business

The main reason I got this dress was for work because it’s a great simple shift dress. So between that and me being on a mission to ride Haunted Mansion Holiday, I meant business.

Day 10: Oldie But Goodie

This camo jacket is an oldie but goodie! I got it several years ago and wear it all the time, but recently I haven’t been, mainly because I couldn’t find it (it was in my Bug and Bret didn’t tell me nor did he bring it inside). Camo, like leopard print, is a neutral print that can go with just about any outfit and that’s why I love it!

Day 11: Retro Inspired

This day is inspired by Erika, the girl who creates the challenge, because it was her birthday, so the challenge was to dress in something that reminds me of Erika. When I think of Erika I think of a refined, put together, effortless style. I have this blazer with a ruffle waist and sleeve that screams Erika to me. I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit simple to really showcase the blazer.

Day 12: If I We’re A Boy…

This was an interesting day. I had the first outfit planned to wear but while I was getting dressed, Bret says I should wear his clothes because it’s only fitting. So he picked out the outfit in the second picture. Everything is his except for the jeans, although we basically wear the same size so I could have worn his pants, lol! The funniest part was when he came out to take the picture and handed me a cigarette. I had to ask him how to hold it because I’ve never smoked a day in my life!

Day 13: Something Blue

Another camo outfit, but let’s be real, I love camo so I have no shame. Instead of going with something easy like blue jeans, I wanted to pick a top that fit this day.

Day 14: Favorite Flats

This outfit has been one of my favorites this season! These leopard flats are a go-to of mine for just about every outfit. As I previously mentioned, leopard is a print that goes with almost every outfit. So I like to pair these flats with casual outfits like this one or even a plaid shirt (mixing patterns is one of my favorite things to do).


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