31 Nights of Halloween

One of my favorite ways to celebrate any holiday is by watching movies. I could watch Halloween and Christmas movies all year round but I definitely go crazy from September to December. I know a couple TV stations do their version of 31 Nights of Halloween and I thought I’d do my own!

A little bit about my Halloween movie preferences: I don’t like scary movies! Ever since my sister made me watch Poltergeist when I was 9, I haven’t been able to watch anything that could given me nightmares. The only movies I actually liked were the Saw movies but only because they were more of a mystery/puzzle and I just focused on that part. My 31 Nights of Halloween is family friend (and scaredy-cat friendly, haha) so it’s perfect for any age group! Even as an adult, some of my favorite movies are kids movies, like Nightmare Before Christmas (my all-time favorite).

There are three nights I’d like to note: the 13th and 24th have two movies because the first one on both nights are relatively short. I added in two movies to watch after that aren’t as family-friendly but good options for when the kids go to bed. Also, on the 31st I chose the classic Charlie Brown movie because it’s short enough to watch either before or after trick-or-treating.

Comment below if you are going to follow along! If you don’t own these movies, you can rent them through Amazon Prime or Google Play and some may be on Netflix, Hulu, or Prime!



  • Explaura October 1, 2018 at 4:33 pm Reply

    Great… I ruined you by making you watch poltergeist. 😂😂

    • maryashcraft October 3, 2018 at 7:56 am Reply

      Haha, you did!! I still remember that little girl and getting sucked into the TV!! But I did like that one Nicole Kidman movie you made me watch where the kids couldn’t see the sun?? That one was a trip!

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