Our Halloween!

If you remember last year’s post about Halloween, you’ll know I was very last minute about it because Bret had to work Halloween night so we couldn’t go trick-or-treating. Well, this year was the same! However, luckily I already had a costume for Amelia thanks to my sister! Amelia dressed up as a cow and I dressed up as a farmer (which was very easy for me to throw together last minute because I love shopping at Boot Barn).

My sister gave me this cow costume at Amelia’s baby shower. There were two reasons behind it (from what I can remember): (1) our aunt gave my sister a Halloween costume for my niece when my niece was born so my sister wanted to carry on the tradition, especially since Layla was dressed as a chicken, we’re continuing the animal theme; and (2) ever since I can remember my family and close family friends have called me Moo. I’m not sure how it started but it stuck and, for the most part, everyone still calls me Moo. (I’m even Auntie Moo to my niece and she didn’t know my name is Mary until she was like 2 or 3!). So having a cow costume for Amelia was only fitting because my name is Moo!

When I put Amelia in this costume for these pictures, I about died! She is so cute! I wish I could just have her wear this all day everyday! Plus, she didn’t try to take off the head piece, which she normally does because she hates things on her head (that’s why you never seen pictures of her with bows on her head). She absolutely loved this costume! I need to find another place for her to wear it soon before she gets too tall for it. Maybe Disneyland?! Now I’m going to see what Disney movies have cows in them….

Anyways! I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! I think I’ll be more excited starting next year because Amelia will actually be big enough to kind of understand what is going on!

Happy Halloween!


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