We’re Moving!

I’ve been containing myself for a week until a few things happened and a few people were told, but I’m so excited to announce we’re moving!!

Let’s start at the beginning: at the beginning of October I had a FaceTime interview with a firm. At the end of the interview they told me my second interview wouldn’t be until the end of the month because the managing attorney was on vacation in Europe for a couple weeks. Time went on and I continued to apply for jobs. The end of October comes and I receive an email from the managing attorney about scheduling a phone interview with me. I say yes and quickly prepare for the interview. I sat on the floor of Amelia’s bedroom with a notebook full of questions I could ask and topics to discuss (as I did for every interview), but this interview was different. The managing attorney didn’t ask a single question. She and I talked about working for the firm, living in that area, her expectations, what I’d be doing, etc. As my mom described it, it was more of a welcome to the firm talk rather than an interview. At the end of the interview, she told me she would be sending me a job offer over the weekend. Well, I was glued to my phone on Saturday, refreshing my email every hour, impatiently waiting for the offer. But Saturday came and went and I didn’t get the email. I didn’t get the offer until Sunday night when I was in a meeting where I wasn’t allowed to check my phone. I checked it on a break and spent the rest of the meeting trying to hide my smile! Everything was official. After months and months of applying and interviewing, I finally got a job with a firm that sounds fantastic and I am so excited to work there!

Now, you might be wondering: where are you moving to?!?!

The crazy thing about this whole situation is that I know this is the path God intended for me. I am following in my dad’s footsteps and it’s just another way my dad is still present in my life after being gone for almost two years.

When I was in college, my dad moved to Bakersfield for a job and he always said it was one of the best moves he had ever made. He loved working for that title company, met so many wonderful people, and absolutely loved living in Bakersfield. After he left that job, he was hired at a title company in Fresno, so he commuted from Bakersfield to Fresno every day which is two hours one way. But that was the best job he ever had. He was doing commercial title which he normally didn’t do and he loved it! He wanted to stay but felt like coming back to San Diego would be better so he could be closer to my siblings and I.

But he made that move to Bakersfield for a job just like I am doing with Fresno. He wasn’t afraid or nervous about living in a new place. He was excited to explore that new town he’d call home.

Bret and I are excited to move! There are so many opportunities in Fresno we’ll have that aren’t readily available to us in Orange County, such as owning a house. Sure, we’ll be far away from family, friends, and Disneyland, but we’ll be in an area we’ll get to call home and that we get to make our own! We’ve never been to Yosemite and are excited to go camping. We’re closer to San Francisco and Sacramento, where we can visit friends and family who live up there (plus I’ve never been to SF and have been dying to go!). We are excited at the new adventure this move will bring!

We’re moving just after Thanksgiving, so if you’d like to see us before we leave let me know! But don’t worry, we’ll come down to see everyone and to, obviously, go to Disneyland!

Now, more than before, my blog will serve as a mechanism to update family and friends on our move and life in Fresno. We don’t go on Facebook much so the best way to stay up-to-date with us is on here and Instagram (@maryashcraft)!


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