We Went to the Courthouse…

On this day two years ago, my dad died.

On this day one year ago, I passed the bar exam.

On this day today, we got married!

I will make this short, sweet, and to the point (but I’ll elaborate in a post later), we just got married!

We went to the courthouse for our 11am appointment where we signed our names on the dotted lines, said our vows, and slipped a ring on each other’s finger.

We will not be having a big grandiose wedding, this is it and all it will be. So no need to save a date.

This is a surprise to all who are reading this (literally less than a handful of people knew) but I wanted it that way. As I mentioned I’ll elaborate later, as well as reflecting on how this past year went without my dad. Today is also the two year anniversary of his passing and getting married on this day was intentional.

So ta-ta for now! We’re off to Disneyland!


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