2018 in Review

What a year. Where has the time gone?

I feel like this year went by at a much faster pace…although some days it felt like the slowest year in the world.

A lot has happened in 2018. When I started jotting down all the big (and small) things that happened this year, I was quite surprised with how eventful this year actually was. I feel like the last two years, especially 2017, have been so eventful that 2018 seemed dull in the moment, but looking back, it wasn’t dull at all.

Let’s have a look…

2018 started with many trips to Disneyland! We were on a huge Disney kick in January (well, all year too but we went a lot in January).

February was particularly exciting because we went to Vegas! It was Bret’s first trip to Vegas so it was a lot of fun showing him all the things that Vegas has to offer (minus the strip clubs and staying out til 4am…we had a baby with us, after all…). The highlight of Vegas for me was Bret proposing at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Now, I’d be lying if I said it was a complete shock…since I saw him put my ring in his bag before we left. Even then, it was very exciting. We also celebrated my mom’s birthday on this trip with my aunt and my mom’s friend. It was quite a fun group and I would definitely be down to do that again (hint hint mom).
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Shortly after we got home from Vegas, my best friends from college came to visit us! This was their first visit to California to see us since college and it was soooooo exciting!!! We went to Disneyland, the La Brea Tar Pits, and ate a lot of food! The funny thing is that it felt like we hadn’t been away from each other for that long. Since we talk almost every day, seeing her in person was like if I had just seen her the week before. Hopefully we’ll get to visit Ohio in 2019 so we can see her and Pickles again!
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In 2017 I posted my sexual assault story and I was shocked by the reception. This year I posted a follow-up detailing everything that happened the night I published that blog posted and in the weeks after. It’s still crazy to me how different I feel after publishing that versus being in therapy for it. I truly believe therapy can do wonders but it kept me and my secret hidden from the world and wouldn’t let me be myself. Once I hit publish, I kinda felt free, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and once I saw the reaction from my attacker about my article, a lot of unanswered questions were answered and I was finally able to cut ties with him. Almost two years later, I realize I don’t miss him but I occasionally miss the friendship we had, specifically Disney related content. But even then, I would never go back to being silent knowing the good that comes from it.
Read my sexual assault story HERE, and the follow-up HERE.

We bought a car! The car we were driving basically stopped working and we found out fixing it would cost more than it’s worth. So we looked into buying a car and were shocked when we actually were able to!

In June, my high school bestie married her high school sweetheart at the cutest ceremony! Bret and I had an actual night away for a change and went to this wedding at a winery. It was so nice getting to relax, enjoy some wine, and bawl my eyes out as Marissa walked down the aisle with her dad.
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This summer I got to explore Old Town San Diego with one my best friends, Kaila, who had never been! I hadn’t been in so long and I had never been to the Victorian Village, which was absolutely gorgeous. I also turned 26 which is still weird for me to realize that at 26 years I have a one year old and I’m a lawyer…two things I didn’t know would ever come true.
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Next my baby turned one! Insert crying face here! I still can’t believe how fast time has flown by. Everyone said it’d go by fast but you never really realize how fast until it’s already gone. We threw her a mermaid birthday party since she loves swimming…but she slept through basically the entire party. Go figure!
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In August my childhood best friend got married and, boy, was that an emotional wedding. Seeing Ali walk down the aisle reminded me of all the talks we had growing up about the future and getting married. But the part that got me was her father daughter dance with her dad. Her dad was like another dad to me growing up and watching them dance just reminded me how I’d never have that chance with my dad. So I cried…and then stuffed my face with donuts from the donut bar.

Fall and Halloween were so much fun! We discovered that Amelia really likes pumpkins, so naturally we had to go to a pumpkin patch! Amelia loved riding the tractor, touching all the pumpkins, and sitting in the dirt. For Halloween, Bret had to work so we didn’t go trick-or-treating, but we still dressed up! Amelia dressed up as a cute little cow (thank you Auntie Lo!) and I dressed up as a farmer (my dream job lol). I seriously couldn’t contain myself with how cute and happy she looked running around as a cow. It was also the longest she’s ever kept anything on her head. Success!
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The biggest event of the year (in my book) was finally getting a job! It was a whirlwind experience as I interviewed and then was offered the job at the end of the second interview. The job allowed us to relocate from Orange County to Fresno. We moved on Black Friday and I started work the following Tuesday. So far I am loving my job and everyone I work with. We also really like living in Fresno (we’ll see if we still feel the same during the summer) and we’re really happy we were given this opportunity to start fresh and expand our horizons!
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I guess the other big thing that happened this year was, oh I don’t know, getting married? But seriously, we got married and nothing has changed. Before marriage, it felt like we were already married because we lived together, we had a kid together, and we combined our finances. Sure certain things are different, but overall it just feels the same as before. We opted for a courthouse wedding and I’m so happy we did. Spending money we don’t have on a big wedding we didn’t want just wasn’t what was right. Hopefully one day others will understand that eloping was the best decision for us. Now, my mom also got engaged this year and is getting married next summer, and for her, yes, a wedding with friends and family there makes sense (and btw, I’m so freaking excited for her wedding!). But for us, not so much. I love how our wedding turned out and how we celebrated by going to Disneyland after. To me, that’s perfect.
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So as you can see, it has been quite the eventful year! I hope 2019 is just as eventful (or maybe not, I’m tired and need a nap).

Happy 2019!!


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