Amelia Turns 2!

To think I am now the mom of a toddler is unreal!

I feel like these past 2 years have flown by (technically almost 3 years if you count pregnancy). It sounds cliche but I remember her being a newborn like it was yesterday. And now she is walking, babbling, and being her own sassy self.

Last year we threw her a big party for all our friends and family. It was mermaid themed and super cute. However, Amelia slept through practically her whole party!

This year I did not throw a party, mainly because our family and friends don’t live in Fresno and we weren’t planning on going to San Diego. Luckily, my family is visiting over the Labor Day Weekend and we can do a mini party with them.

I also wanted to be intentional on the gifts we got for her. I didn’t want to just give her a load of gifts she’ll play with a couple times and move on to the next thing. I wanted to give her things I knew she would love, cherish, and play with a lot!

Elsa & Anna Desk

We wanted some place where Amelia could color, eat a snack, or just hang out. We originally wanted a small table and chairs but didn’t find one we like. We settled on a Frozen themed desk that has a little storage box underneath. So far she loves this desk! She is having so much fun sitting and playing with her new toys, and having enough room on the chair for Woody to sit with her.

Shopping Cart

When we go shopping, Amelia loves to help me push the cart. I just knew she would love having her own car to push around her babies and toys. This is the one thing we gave her early (on accident). Bret put the cart together on Wednesday and forgot to throw out the box. So after dinner she sat in front of the box, smiling, staring at it longingly, playing with the box as if she was playing with the actual cart. It was so sweet and sad that I almost cried. So I ran to grab the cart and when she saw it, he eyes lit up! She spent the rest of the night running all around the house pushing her baby in the cart and carting around her toys. It was so cute and it confirmed that we picked out a good present for her.

Woody Doll

We are a Disney household, if you didn’t already know. One of the series that Amelia has been loving is Toy Story. It was Bret’s idea to get her a doll from the series, so we headed to the Disney Store at the mall. We held up three dolls: Woody, Buzz, and Jesse, and let her pick which one she wanted. It was clear she was deciding between Woody and Jesse but eventually picked the ol’ tried and true, Woody. Since getting it on her birthday, she has taken Woody with her everywhere. To every store and restaurant we’ve been to since she’s gotten him, she has brought him along. It really is the cutest thing!

Belle Shoes

Amelia loves walking around the house in my heels (and she’s actually pretty good at it). At daycare, she spends all day walking around in the dress-up princess heels. So I decided to get her her own princess heels. We opted for Belle from Beauty and the Beast, because she likes the live action movie and has the doll. (Plus Belle is one of my favorite princesses) So far Amelia hasn’t even touched my heels since getting these; these princess heels are always on her feet.

Play Keurig

Amelia loves playing with our Keurig by lifting the top part up and down (dangerous, I know). Luckily I found this Fisher Price play coffee maker that is just like a Keurig! She loves it! She keeps “making” me coffee and bringing it to me to drink, or having Woody drink it, it’s precious!

Coloring Book and Markers

I think markers are the bane of every parents existence. At daycare and at home, there are pieces of furniture, books, and random objects that have fallen victim to Amelia’s marker rampage. Instead of getting her just regular markers and a coloring book, we got her the Crayola Mess-Free markers and paper. These are special markers that only show color on the corresponding paper. So far she has tried to color with these markers on furniture and toys, but nothing shows up! These are a godsend!

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