How To Shop for Seasonal Decor

I love decorating for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Between the months of August to December, my humble abode is decked to the nines with pumpkins, skeletons, gingerbread men, and sweet smelling candles. I thoroughly enjoy shopping for decor just as much as I enjoy actually decorating and enjoying my home once it’s done.

In the past I’ve gotten in trouble for shopping a little too much for home decor. I also had a habit of buying something just because I liked it. I wasn’t shopping intentionally for things that fit with the decor I already had. Therefore, before we moved to Fresno, I had a bunch of decor that related to different themes within each season. When we got the news we were moving to Fresno, I downsized a lot and only took the decor that really meant something to me.

Also, we’re now in a much larger apartment; we literally doubled in size. Because of that, I do have more space to decorate! But I can’t just go on a spree like I would before and get whatever looks cute and fun. No, this time I have a plan!

So what does it mean to “shop intentionally”?

I have an array of decorative pieces ranging from candy trays to things that can be hung on the wall to little figurines. There is limited wall and table space for each thing. So you take the things you do have and decide where you’d like to put them. Then you look around and think, “What am I missing?” Say, I have a lot of short, little pieces, and I need something tall to add dimension. To shop intentionally in this situation means I won’t buy anything that doesn’t fit that bill, and I will shop around at several stores until I find the perfect (or near-perfect) item that completes the look I’m going for.

Shopping intentionally can sometimes be a longer process because you feel a constant push and pull with going from store-to-store. Maybe you see something at Hobby Lobby that could work but want to check Michaels just in case. It’s a lot of driving around, but usually it pays off in the end because you’re not stuck with pieces you don’t like or don’t feel inspired by.

So let’s shop my stash & decorate!

In the pictures above, you’ll see all my Fall and Halloween pieces spread out. As I mentioned before, they all range from small trinkets to wall hangings. So now it’s time to evaluate the spaces I want to decorate and see what current pieces I have would look best in certain places. From there I’ll create a list of items I’m looking for to complete the look. I can already tell I need some dimension, like I mentioned in my example above. I don’t have much that has height to it, so I’ll be on the look out for slightly “larger” items that complement the smaller figurines.

My main spaces to decorate are the table next to the TV, the mantle, and the shelves on the dining room table. The issues I foresee with the shelves on the dining room table is that Amelia likes to play with her toys on those shelves. So I think I may leave those as it and let her have her space, and stick to decorating the table and mantle.

I also don’t want things to look cluttered. When decorating, it can quickly cross the line from simple and elegant to cluttered and gaudy.
We do not want cluttered and gaudy.

I have finished decorating and bought a couple items that fit in well with what I already have. Keep your eyes peeled for a future post revealing my Fall/Halloween decor!


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