Fall/Halloween Decor

*If you haven’t read my previous home decor post about how to shop for seasonal decor, catch that HERE!

As you may know, I love home decor and decorating for holidays.

As a kid, I remember my mom decorating for Fall and Halloween at the same time. So she had pumpkins and hay bales intertwined with haunted houses and spooky figurines. Now, I do know some who exclusively decorate for Halloween then on November 1, switch over to Fall/Thanksgiving decor that is primarily pumpkins and gourds. When I think about the decor that makes me happy and what I look forward to most during this time of year, it’s Fall with a little bit of Halloween sprinkled in. So that’s what I did and I think I achieved the look I was going for.

I only added a few items that I thought really brought value to my home and the decor I already had. One of those things is this adorable sign from Michaels about what I “fall” for every Fall. I saw it in store and could not stop thinking about it. After about a month, I finally picked it up and I think it goes well on the wall I picked for it and the surrounding decor and colors.

I also picked up two galvanized house/lanterns. I found them at Homegoods and fell in love because of how cute they are. They’re nesting houses so there’s an even bigger one that’s available that I didn’t get. One of the main reasons I like these is because they’re Halloween without screaming spooky, so I feel like they fit in well with the other things I have that are more overtly Fall or Halloween themed.

One of my current obsessions is Rae Dunn. Now, do not confuse me with the crazy Rae Dunn fans that stampede into Homegoods/TJ Maxx/Marshalls at the opening of the store. I’ve seen it, it’s crazy! But I have found a couple pieces that are super cute and I’ve found a purpose for. I’m also not someone who just likes to display my Dunn pieces; I want them to have a function. I picked up these skeleton nesting bowls that I placed throughout my home. One holds the TV clickers and the DVD cases we’re using at the moment. One is a catch all bowl in the kitchen and the other holds towels or fresh fruit and snacks. I also picked up the mummy canisters to hold our K-cups. Once Halloween passes, I’ll be switching out the Halloween canisters for the pumpkin ones.

Scarecrows have been a bit of a hit with Amelia this year. Every time we go to Michael or Hobby Lobby, she spends her time talking to the scarecrows and walking around with one or two of them. So I picked up a couple scarecrows to have around the house for her to appreciate. I put one on the mantle, which is one Amelia picked out. One is on the kitchen table shelves, along with a cute little black cat, that Amelia can play with whenever she wants. I also picked up a scarecrow pick to use in my Fall floral next to the TV. For that floral arrangement, I used all Hobby Lobby Fall section picks, and I really liked how it turned out.

I think overall I picked up things I really like and can see myself using for years to come.


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