Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, all!!

We have been keeping a secret!

We are expecting Baby #2 in Spring 2020! And that’s not all….we’re having a BOY!

This pregnancy has been different for us emotionally, mainly because it’s our second and we know what to expect, but also because the circumstances are so different.

With Amelia, she was a huge surprise. Bret and I were not married, I was in my last year of law school getting ready to take the bar exam, my dad had just died, we had no idea what to expect or do, and I was a wreck emotionally.

With Baby #2, Bret and I are married, Amelia is now 2, we’re more stable, and we know what to expect.

I knew I didn’t want a huge age gap between Amelia and Baby #2. I know firsthand how large age gaps between siblings can impact relationships. But mainly, I saw my mom and uncle (who are 2 years apart) have such a great relationship that I wanted my kids to try to at least have something like they did.

I’m so excited to finally share this news with y’all and bring you along for this journey!

How We Found Out

Over Labor Day Weekend, we were expecting my mom, my sister, my brother-in-law, and niece to visit. My mom arrived a few days early and on that Friday (August 30) I found out I was pregnant. I had this weird feeling I was, similar to when I found out I was pregnant with Amelia. I was only a day or two late and I thought, “You know, I think this might be it.” So I took a test first thing when I woke up to get ready for work. The test didn’t even stay on the pending status for the full 2 or 3 minutes. That little sucker said “Pregnant” in literally 30 seconds. That’s how you know you’re really pregnant. I quickly went over to a sleeping Bret and woke him up. Y’all, I’d like to think I could keep this to myself and plan some cute way of surprising him, but I can’t keep a secret that big from Bret for that long. In his half-asleep stupor, he was really excited and shocked. Later that morning, I had just arrived at work and asked my mom if she could bring me some Starbucks (hot chocolate and a bagel, my go-to pregnant breakfast). When I went outside to meet her, I told that while she was shopping today, I need her to do me a favor and look for cute baby clothes because I just found out I was pregnant. I said it so quickly and nonchalant, it totally caught her off-guard. Once she realized what I said, she was so excited!!

I was most excited to tell my sister and her family. I waited until we went to Yosemite on Sunday to tell them. There’s more to this story, but I’ll have a different post about it. Let’s just say, they were all really excited!

Where We’re At Right Now

Right now, I am X weeks. We found out the gender of the baby on December 2. Bret and I decided to wait to announce our pregnancy until we knew the gender. We told our family and some friends, but wanted it to be a little different this time. The baby is doing well and so am I! We did have some health scares that I’ll talk about more in a later bumpdate. This pregnancy has been very similar to Amelia’s…except the cravings. With Amelia, I had intense cravings for all things sweet like berry crepes, ice cream, chocolate, etc. With this pregnancy, all I want are hot wings! I could literally eat hot wings and chips and salsa every day and be completely satisfied. I also really don’t want coffee which has been a struggle since I’m constantly tired…but I am craving Pepsi so that makes up for it.

I have a few more posts coming up that will talk more about how we told our family about Baby #2, how we’re preparing for him physically and financially, and how we’re simplifying our home in preparation for his arrival (nesting has already set in a little bit). So, I hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey!!

We hope you have a great Christmas!


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