Second Trimester Bumpdate

On Christmas Eve I finally announced that we are expecting a baby boy in May!

I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant and I feel like this pregnancy is flying by.

How I Am Feeling

This pregnancy has been similar but also very different than my pregnancy with Amelia. I feel like I started having more pain and pressure right away this time, whereas I felt like I didn’t feel pain until late in my second trimester with Amelia. With Amelia, I had major sciatic pain set into at the end of the second trimester/beginning of the third. This time my sciatic pain started just a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant. My sciatic pain has gotten to a point where it happens every day and makes it so I can barely walk. On top of that, I have the usually back pain with a lot of “pressure” in my belly area. It feels like something is constantly pushing outwards from my insides (no duh). The constant pressure and back pain just makes my body feel like it’s being weighted down, like gravity has decided to really work on keeping on the ground.

How I Told My Work

One thing I was very nervous about was how I would tell my work I’m pregnant, specifically my boss. My office is primarily women (only 3 men versus 10 women) but for some reason I was extremely nervous. I was planning on telling my boss first before anyone else, but I ended up having to tell our calendar clerk first because she kept asking questions about my health. I was scheduling so many doctor’s appointments, she was like “are you okay?!?!?!?!” So I finally told her and she helped me plan how to tell the office. When I told my boss, I walked into her office and she started talking about something else. Eventually the conversation came to a lull and I shut her door and told her. I was not expecting her to be so nonchalant about it, but she was. She just laughed and said she figured I would be soon because I had previously mentioned I didn’t want a large age gap between Amelia and the second, so she wasn’t surprised. I told I was worried about my cases and what to do about maternity leave but she assured me that everything would be fine. Tbh, she really is the best boss.

Now for the fun part! My calendar clerk found a cute announcement on Pinterest using donuts so I decided to go off that. I got 2 dozen donuts from a local shop and wrote the message on the inside of the box. When I put them in the break room, one of the paralegals was in there and she asked why I brought donuts (it was a Monday and we normally bring sweets on Wednesdays). I told her I just felt it. Then she left and a couple other paralegals came in and made a comment about the donuts. So this time, I actually said “you may want to lift up the top all the way.” Within the hour everyone knew and was so excited. My boss (who has a major sweet tooth) grabbed a donut and said, “I like the way you think!”

One of the paralegals said she suspected something was up because I had been on keto and losing weight and then very suddenly started eating carbs and fast food again. It’s been a lot of fun being pregnant and having people to talk to about it. They’re also so nice and are throwing me a baby shower. I say this all the time, but I really did get lucky with this job and the people I work with. They’re all so kind and caring, and we’re all a family here.


Why This Pregnancy Is Special

Something I did not mention in my announcement post is the reason why this pregnancy is so special. My older sister is also pregnant right now! She is almost exactly one month ahead of me and she is also expecting a boy.

When my sister and her family came to visit us over Labor Day Weekend, we went to Yosemite (their first real time going to Yosemite). When we got there, my sister and I were walking a little ahead of the group. She said, “I have something to tell you…I’m pregnant!” and I just looked at her and said “I have something to tell you too! I’m pregnant too!” We just laughed and talked about how cool it was to be pregnant at the same time. I waited until lunchtime after our hike to tell my niece and brother-in-law. Bret and I purposefully confused Layla by talking about pregnancy. She thought we were talking about my sister until we finally told her I am pregnant too. Her reaction was really cute!

I think it’s every sister’s dream to be pregnant at the same time so you can experience it together and you don’t feel so alone. For me, pregnancy has been something that makes me feel very alone because Bret obviously does not understand what I’m going through and even though millions of women do, it’s just not the same. So it’s comforting to actually be pregnant at the same time as someone I know, and even better that it’s my sister. Our bodies and the way they react to things are very similar and we’ve already had similar issues come up this time, so I don’t feel so alone this time. When I was pregnant with Amelia, I felt alone all the time so I’m just glad it’s not as bad this time.

The picture below was taken on our hike soon after we told each other we were pregnant!

What’s Next

The next couple months should be exciting! We’ll be traveling down to our hometown for my sister’s baby shower, and then my work is throwing me a baby shower. My mom will be coming to stay with us when the baby is born. We’re all a little worried about how Amelia will adjust to having a baby in our lives. Some people think she’s going to be a great big sister and some think she is going to be really jealous. I think she’ll be somewhere in the middle, leaning more towards the jealous side. She doesn’t quite understand that I’m pregnant or that she’s getting a sibling. I try to hold her hand to my stomach to feel the baby move but she quickly pulls her hand away. Only time will tell with her, but I’m excited my mom will be here to help Amelia feel special while Bret and I are in baby mode.

(As a side note, just this past week Amelia started saying “nene” or “baby” and touching my stomach. She also let me hold her hand to my stomach for the briefest second but just long enough for her to feel the baby move. Her facial reaction was adorable (she was very surprised and confused). She’s also been kissing my stomach and being really lovey towards the belly, so I’m thinking she’s starting to grasp that something is in there and something is coming…she just has no real clue yet!)

More Kids?

Since becoming pregnant, I’ve gotten asked how many kids total we plan on having. Truth is, I have no clue. I think this pregnancy will be the determining factor as to whether we, as a family, can handle more kids, and if my body can handle more kids. When I told my Grandpa that we are having a boy, he said “Good. That means you can stop at one each.” I just laughed but I also thought, “He’s probably right!” In this day and age, having less kids is way more affordable. But I also grew up dreaming of having a large family (I’m sure our parents would love endless amounts of grandkids). In the end I think we’ll be happy whether we have more or not. All I knew was that I did not want Amelia to be an only child, so I’m just happy we are able to give her a sibling.

Links to our Baby Registries:

We are registered at Amazon and Target!


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