Meet Jackson!

Jackson “Jax” Gene Taitingfong

April 30, 2020 at 7:24 pm • 7 lbs 15 oz

Birth Story

At the beginning of March I had an ultrasound. During that ultrasound, the tech told me that baby was breech, meaning his head was up by my ribs and his feet were by my crotch. During the third trimester, babies typically flip to be head down and stay in this position until birth. If a baby is not head down, a doctor will typically perform a c-section. The tech told me that they’ll monitor me and I may come back for another ultrasound.

Well, my doctor and nurse continued to check to see if baby was head down and he never flipped, so they scheduled me for a c-section. Honestly, it was really nice knowing when the baby was coming. It helped me not feel so anxious, especially during the quarantine.

When I got to the hospital, we checked in and then we were sent to Labor & Delivery’s triage. Before getting to the hospital, my doctor had said that only my husband was allowed to be with me at the hospital and no visitors at any point. We also couldn’t leave the room (once we got there after birth), not even to go get food. In triage, Bret had to wait in the waiting room while they prepped me and then they’d bring him into the OR at the last second.

Triage was interesting. The nurses were so nice! They checked me in quickly and then I just waited. I was supposed to have my c-section at 5pm. However, right before I went to the OR (I was already out of bed and ready to walk) a woman came in who was in labor who needed a c-section because she was already 7 cm and she had previously had a c-section. So my doctor got whisked away to do her c-section and I got bumped. About 1.5-2 hours later, they were ready for me.

Being in the OR was like being in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy! I sat on the edge of the bed while the anesthesiologist gave me the numbing medicine (this made me numb from my chest to my feet). They quickly laid me down before I couldn’t move anymore. Once I was down, they put in a catheter and starting prepping my incision area. I started feeling nauseous almost immediately. When I said something (while gagging) the anesthesiologist said “oh I was just about to put in the anti-nausea medicine” and once he did, the nausea went away. I was also really shakey throughout the whole process. My doctor said that’s normal because of the body reacting to the medication (but it was also super cold in the OR so I think that contributed to it).

Bret came in right before the doctor made the incision. They put up a sheet on my chest/neck so I couldn’t see what they were doing. Up until this point, I hadn’t been anxious at all. But once I saw Bret, I told him I was scared. I’m not sure what came over me, if I finally realized I was about to be cut open or what, but for a brief moment, I felt really anxious. He sat by my head and rubbed my head and face throughout.

Once the baby was out (it was very quick!), Bret stood up and looked. He said he was shocked because the incision site wasn’t what he expected. My doctor said baby came out super feisty and the nurses took him to get him cleaned up. Once swaddled, they brought him over and Bret held him while my doctor closed my incision. Once I was closed, they wheeled me to the recovery room down the hall and I stayed there for a couple hours before moving to my permanent room.

What’s in a Name

We had actually decided on a boy and girl name before we found out the gender. For some reason, naming our second child was way easier than naming our first.

If you remember, I named Amelia after several fictional characters I adore. Amelia’s middle name (Wheeler) is after my dad. We kept these themes going with our second (fictional character for the first name, family name for the middle name).


When Amelia was born, one of the shows we binge watched was Sons of Anarchy. Bret had already seen it but it was my first time and, like most female fans of the show, I fell in love with the main character, Jax Teller. While watching the show I found out Jax was short for Jackson and I just absolutely loved that. My Jackson is primarily named for Jax from SoA, but there are a couple other “Jackson” characters I like, such as Jackson Avery from Grey’s Anatomy and Jackson from Gilmore Girls.

After we decided on Jackson, Bret’s grandma told us that Jackson is also a family name and was the name of her father. We loved the name even more after hearing that.


This family name is special to both, Bret and me. We knew that, regardless of the gender, the middle name would be Gene or Jean. Gene/Jean is a family name and, like with Amelia, we wanted to continue the tradition of using a family name for the middle name.

Gene is Bret’s grandfather and perhaps the most important man in Bret’s life. Papa Gene helped shape Bret into the man he is today. We told Bret’s grandma that we would be naming the baby after Papa Gene while Papa Gene was in the hospital so she told him because we couldn’t. He was overjoyed (and he may have cried a little).

Jean is my grandmother (my dad’s mom). She was the reason I went to Ohio for college and was a huge inspiration to me. She passed away on my dads birthday in 2013. When she died my uncle described her as “the closest thing to a living saint you’d ever meet” and I couldn’t agree more.

Life Now

It has been quite the adjustment living as a family of four now. At times, it is easy peasy, but sometimes it’s also a struggle. Amelia has done ok adjusting to having Jax here. She really loves him, and kisses him a lot every day and rubs his head. But in the beginning it was clear that she was really jealous.

Recovery was a little bit of a struggle physically. I couldn’t lift anything over 10 lbs, bend down, or do anything too active. I couldn’t change Amelia’s diaper, put her in the car, play on the floor, or do much of anything I used to with her. I know I’m not a bad mom but it’s hard not to feel like I was letting her down or neglecting her during recovery. I did experience period heart palpitations and dizziness so I had a check up with my nurse before my 6 week check up. She said everything was fine and that she’s check me again at my 6 week mark. At my 6 week check up, I was cleared to go back to work and do all the things with Amelia! Although there were moments when recovery was difficult, it felt much easier than my recovery from Amelia’s birth.

I start work in a week and I couldn’t be more excited. During maternity leave I would check my email daily and respond to office emails about some of my cases. I found that towards the end of my 8 week leave I started getting a little bored of being at home and not working. At least prior to birth, when I was home due to the quarantine, I had work to keep me occupied. I did think I was going to do more house projects during leave but I didn’t. Bret and I primarily did movie marathons.

The best part of leave was taking a spontaneous trip to Arizona to stay with my parents for a week. My mom called and suggested it on a Tuesday and, less than 48 hours later, we were driving to AZ! It was a great week relaxing in cool weather. Bret got to fish, we both did ride-alongs with my stepdad, we went to the Grand Canyon and Bearizona, and we got to see our friends in Phoenix. It was sad coming back to Fresno and the Fresno heat.

Overall we are in love with our little man! Having him in our little family makes us feel complete. My heart just melts whenever I see him or I see Amelia loving on him. I can’t wait to watch him grow and see his and Amelia’s relationship grow too.


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