Welcome to Just a Spoonful of Mary,
where I am fueled by coffee, grace, and sass.

Just a Spoonful of Mary was launched in 2016 and is a platform for people to come and read about real #momlife moments, home decor hacks, fashion inspo, and delicious recipes!

If you love fashion and beauty, reading, and DIYs, with real life struggles thrown into the mix, then this blog is for you. I write about fashion and beauty, home decor, Disney, minimalism, and all the other fun things I like doing, but I’m also very real. I talk openly about my current and past struggles. In a world of social media where many people are portraying themselves to be someone they’re not, I want my readers to see me, genuinely Mary.

A little bit about me…

I graduated law school in 2017 where I was studying to be a transactional lawyer. I did’t want to be in a court room (that kinda of freaks me out) like you see on TV. Instead, I wanted to write contracts and policies for companies. However, since being in law school, I feel like my interests and life have changed so drastically that I wanted to create a space to talk with others who are going through the same thing or have similar interests.
Que blogging!

However, as always, things never turn out as planned.

In November 2016, my Dad unexpectedly died. In December 2016, just two days after his funeral, I found out I was expecting my first child. In July 2017, I took the California Bar Exam at 9 months pregnant (and passed!). In August 2017, Amelia was born! For the first year of her life I was a Stay At Home Mom and loved it (but also kind of hated it). When the best job offer ever came my way, I packed up my little family and moved north to Fresno. I currently am a full-time attorney and juggle the day-to-day struggles of being a working mom. We are also expecting our second child in May 2020.

I have also started to transition us into a more simplified lifestyle and healthy food lifestyle. Minimalism has become an obsession of mine, along with reading ingredient labels. I’ve found that I’ve been focusing on the wrong aspects of life and want to get to a point where my life is consumed by the ones I love, not the things I think I love.

So come along for this journey! A journey of love, babies, heartbreak, minimalism, healthy living, and all the other crazy real life moments you don’t usually see on blogs!


Contact me at: spoonfulofmary@gmail.com

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