Simple & Intentional Easter

Last year, Easter fell during the beginning stages of becoming more minimal and intentional in our home and lives. Therefore, our baskets were tailored to our interests and stuck within a budget. I did not go out and purchase fun items just because of the holiday.

This year will be even more intentional and simple than last year. One reason being we’re in the middle of a pandemic so shopping for Easter baskets seems a little “meh” right now. The other reason being I’ve really honed our minimal lifestyle and buying habits.

Amelia’s Basket

When I started thinking about Easter, I thought about “what does she need” and “what does she want.”

Her wants are easy: things to play with. This is an easy category to buy for because I could walk around the Target toy section and pick out any 15 things she’d love to have. But I wanted to find one or two things that she would actually use and play with. The first thing I purchased was kids nail polish, but not just any polish. This nail polish is a special formula that is water-based and non-toxic. The cool thing? It comes off in the water! Amelia had her nails painted at daycare, which was fine, but I didn’t want to use nail polish remover to get it off, so I just waited for it to chip off naturally. With these nail polishes, I don’t have to worry about that.

I’ve noticed that one of the toys she plays with most is her Mr. Potatohead. Disney’s California Adventure used to have this cool store where they sold accessories for Mr. Potatohead that were Disney themed (like a Buzz Lightyear outfit or Woody outfit). CA Adventure got rid of that store a long time ago and you can no longer find those accessories by themselves. However, when I went to Target the other day, I found a Mrs. Potatohead! Normally, I am on the minimal train of “she only needs one” but the Mrs. Potatohead was too cute to pass up and I know she will love playing with it.

I also picked up three things from the Target dollar spot: sidewalk chalk and two flower pots. Sidewalk chalk is something we don’t have and I wanted her to be able to have something fun to do outside in the backyard. I also picked up the flower pots because, although she’s still really young, I think she’ll have fun planting them and watching them grow (this one was more for my benefit and creativity than hers).

I also picked out a couple “needs.” The first one that came to mind was a bathing suit. With Summer around the corner and Amelia loving the pool, getting a new bathing suit was a no-brainer! I ended up picking out two suits, one for home and one for daycare.

She also is in need of new coloring pages and markers. This could technically be considered a “want” but I classify it as a need since she’s used up all her coloring pages and her markers may be running dry. We get the special markers that only color on the special paper. This has saved many things from getting colored on, like the refrigerator, walls, and lamps.

The last thing I picked up was a book. This also could fall into either category. I picked out a Frozen book because she loooooves Frozen. But I’m also implementing the one in-one out rule with this book because she has another Disney 5 Minute Story book that she’s used to death, so I’m going to get rid of that one and replace it with the new Frozen book.

Our Baskets

Last year I did little baskets for Bret and I that had a couple pieces of candy and a couple items I knew we needed or wanted. However, this year I won’t be putting baskets together for us. One, we don’t need it. Two, I want us to focus on the reason for Easter. And Three, I want us to focus on Amelia and our baby (coming so soon!).

Now, I did pick up one thing for Bret and one thing for me. For Bret, I picked up a grilling utensil kit, because we didn’t have any grilling utensils and we grill a lot. He’s already opened it and is looking forward to our next grilled meal so he can use it. For myself, I preordered the new Magnolia Table cookbook. This quarantine has sparked an interest to try new recipes so I figured this would be a good way to do so.

A goal I make every year is to watch more church sermons (we still haven’t found a church here where Bret feels comfortable going so we just watch sermons online from our church back in Vista). Instead of spending Easter doing whatever, I want us to focus on Jesus and watch the Easter service.

I think this year, more than ever, it is so important to focus on Jesus. With everything going on in the world and this health crisis, we should be leaning on Jesus even more. Now, I know putting your faith in Christ is not going to heal you or save you from COVID-19, I’m not that naive. But, what we can do is continue (or start) praying for those who are/did battle the virus, praying for our medical professionals and essential workers, praying for those who have to be alone during the shelter in place orders, and overall praying for our community as we work together to flatten the curve.

The shelter in place orders are something to be taken seriously; it’s not a vacation. This is not the time to go browse Target or Costco for several hours because they’re open. This is a “get in and get out” shopping experience to try to limit your exposure. The workers at essential stores and medical professionals are testing positive for this and if you keep going out shopping or being around others, you are more likely to be infected.

This is also not the time to have all your friends and family over. Do that virtually! There are so many resources now that allow you to have video chats where you can virtually hang out with your friends and family. Even if you aren’t showing symptoms, you could be a carrier. It takes several days for symptoms to show after being infected. Do you really want to take the chance that you could infect someone you love and then they struggle to fight the infection? I don’t think so.

So stay home! Have Easter at home with whatever you have at home to make it special. Don’t make extra trips to the store to get more eggs or gifts for your basket. Keep it simple and intentional, and continuing praying throughout this pandemic we’re all going through right now.

As an added bonus, here’s a throwback to the past two Easters!


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